RimWorld 1.4

Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded - Deserters Mod_650c68d2c796e.jpeg

Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Deserters Mod

Turn RimWorld’s deserters into rebels and liberate your planet from the oppresive Empire! Star Wars Retheme is a mod series focused on retheming various Rimworld mods to fit into the beloved Star Wars universe! Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded…
Outer Rim - Rebel Alliance Mod_65369182b4ca4.jpeg

Outer Rim – Rebel Alliance Mod

This module for the Outer Rim series of mods covers anything specific to the Rebel Alliance. Primarily the faction itself and anything needed for that. Aside from anything listed for Outer Rim – Core I am not aware of any…
Outer Rim - Core Mod_6536d7cd97867.jpeg

Outer Rim – Core Mod

Core module for Outer Rim, which is a modular Star Wars based mod series, contains most of the basics needed for the rest of the modules along with things that don’t necessarily fit into any specific one. We’re talking universal…
Animal Turret Packs Mod_653152cea20a8.jpeg

Animal Turret Packs Mod

Turret packs, but for animals! This mod adds 4 different gun packs in two styles, for bigger and smaller animals. Animal Turret Packs Mod features Simple turret pack Shotgun turret pack Pulse turret pack Hand grenade pack Additional credits: Art…
Animal Equipment Mod_6535864df31c8.jpeg

Animal Equipment Mod

This is a fork and continuation of the mod Animal Armor: Vanilla, and uses Animal Gear framework to allow you to research, craft, and outfit animals with warm clothes and protective battle armor. FAQ Q. How do I get animals to equip things?…
Animal Gear Mod_6536593cba4bb.jpeg

Animal Gear Mod

New (new) main mod for the actual animal armor/gear Animal Equipment Mod. Makes it possible for animals to have gear/ clothes like normal colonists. I always felt that something like this was missing and it was very hard to have…
Warhammer 40.000 - Mutations Mod_653152d39c006.jpeg

Warhammer 40.000 – Mutations Mod

Embrace darkness, embrace Chaos! This mod introduces a way for you to embrace chaos even more than before! When pawns experience mental breaks, there’s a chance for a god of chaos or undivided to take interest in them and offer them “solutions”,…
Warhammer 40.000 - Genes Mod_65341fb5717cf.jpeg

Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod

The Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod introduces all 19 space marine geneseeds organs in the form of genes, 3 primaris geneseed genes, 4 psyker genes, 3 pariah genes, 10 chaos genes and 2 other genes. Most if not all of…
Vanilla Vehicles Expanded - Tier 3 Mod_6528181e4b8fb.jpeg

Vanilla Vehicles Expanded – Tier 3 Mod

Delve deeper into the world of vehicular advancements with the Tier 3 expansion for Vanilla Vehicles Expanded. While the term “Tier 3” might conjure up images of futuristic, sci-fi machines for some, my focus has remained on the creation of…
The Army Of Fetid Corpses Mod_65281838c50c6.jpeg

The Army Of Fetid Corpses Mod

The The Army Of Fetid Corpses Mod adds deadly monsters, weapons, armor, items, events, and a custom scenario. This mod was created to add more monsters to fight and challenge, with the sole purpose of turning the rim even more in-hospitable….
Corpse Cleanup Mod_65281830008ca.jpeg

Corpse Cleanup Mod

The Corpse Cleanup Mod adds new designators for quickly cleaning up corpses in the field! Corpse Cleanup Mod features This mini-mod adds two new designators in your Orders tab for helping with mass casualty cleanup! Destroy Corpse – Orders your…
VFE-M/Bad Hygiene Add-on - Chemfuel from Fecal Sludge Mod_653152ae5e7e6.jpeg

Chemfuel from Fecal Sludge Mod [VFE-M/Bad Hygiene Add-on]

Dubs Bad Hygiene allows you to convert Fecal Sludge (that’s poop to commoners like you and I) into Chemfuel using the Biofuel Refinery. Coupled with the majestic magnificence that is the Vanilla Factions Expanded – Mechanoids, I thought to myself…

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