RimWorld 1.4

DwarfGekko Mod_644419bec6d1a.jpeg

DwarfGekko Mod

The DwarfGekko Mod adds various pagers and corresponding combat units from the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. These pagers can be used as accessories to call support for various permissions DwarfGekko Mod features Walkie Talkie: A walkie…
TribalInstruments Retexture Mod_6431a4b6c1459.jpeg

Tribal Instruments Retexture Mod

Figured I’d contribute to the slew of retexture mods the community has been releasing with this retexture of Tribal Instruments, an old mod but one of my favorites. I couldn’t figure out what in the f the Ogolupe was supposed…
TribalInstruments (Royalty) Mod_644a55b580ef3.jpeg

Tribal Instruments (Royalty) Mod

This is a reworked version of Tribal Instruments, originally published by Hansenbansen. Please note: All assembly functionality has been removed, and I have refactored the instruments according to Core/Royalty standards. Royalty DLC is required for this fork. Tribal Instruments (Royalty)…
Vanilla Races Expanded - Sanguophage Mod_644419a72291f.jpeg

Vanilla Races Expanded – Sanguophage Mod

Vanilla Races Expanded is a brand new series of mods to enhance Biotech features, add to the storytelling and the world-building of RimWorld, and to introduce new, cool types of xenohumans, complete with their own unique genes, behaviors, mechanics and…
No Hopeless Romance Mod_644419c36d2ef.jpeg

No Hopeless Romance Mod

With the No Hopeless Romance Mod you can prevent hopeless yet stupid romance attempt from happening. No Hopeless Romance Mod features Only when all conditions be true will A try having romance attempt to B: A & B’s compatibility greater…
Hospitality: Storefront Mod_6431a49e9613f.jpeg

Hospitality: Storefront Mod

This submod of Hospitality adds storefront tab to the cash register, so it can be used to create a small shop. It will need to be staffed, but in return it can give you more silver per sold item. All…
Gastronomy Mod_644a9c05145ab.jpeg

Gastronomy Mod

Always wanted to build your own restaurant, tavern, or cafe? Now you can! Gastronomy allows (optionally) guests and (optionally) colonists to sit down and order their meals from a waiter. Gastronomy Mod features Colonists and/or guests will sit down and…
Cash Register Mod_644a4eaccbc11.jpeg

Cash Register Mod

Build a cash register to control the settings of your restaurant in Gastronomy. Doesn’t do anything on its own. Cash Register Mod features Build the cash register from the production menu. On each register that you build you can set…
Cash Register Retexture Mod_6431a4a85c4fe.jpeg

Cash Register Retexture Mod

This mod replaces texture of Cash Register. The new texture is drawn in a medieval-ish style, which may interest those who want to make old tavern with the Gastronomy mod, but find the original cash register too modern-looking. Additionally, the…
Loft Bed Mod_643adf34b732d.jpeg

Loft Bed Mod

A loft bed is a double level bed similar to a bunk bed, but it only has one mattress. The top bunk is usually for sleeping while the bottom bunk is used as a study area by way of a…
The Wings Of Pandora Mod_6444199ddb090.jpeg

The Wings Of Pandora Mod

The Wings Of Pandora Mod adds two aircrafts from Avatar the movie for the Aerocraft Framework Mod. Compatibility notes If you have any issues using the mod please report in: Note: gun and ammo texture in preview are from Combat…
Aerocraft Framework Mod_643adf1db2618.jpeg

Aerocraft Framework Mod

The Aerocraft Framework Mod provides an aerocraft and its framework that primarily performs flight operations within a map (the majority of its functions can be achieved through Comp in Xml). Regarding the use of the framework: you’ll find a rar…

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