RimWorld Libraries

Custom Quest Framework Mod_654e8bc524006.jpeg

Custom Quest Framework Mod

Have you ever thought about editing a quest yourself? Build your own map for other players to explore? The Custom Quest Framework has added the function of allowing players to edit quests themselves. Custom Quest Framework Mod features Edit Quest:…
Caravan Activities Framework Mod_653a8d53bbe9a.jpeg

Caravan Activities Framework Mod

Welcome to Caravan Activities Framework! It’s an easy to use XML-based framework that allows you to add Caravan Activities by adding simple XML objects. For adding new stuff, refer to existing activities as well as the FrameworkGuide.txt. Caravan Activities Framework Mod…
RimThunder - Core Mod_654b556f83c69.jpeg

RimThunder – Core Mod

RimThunder Core is a framework mod for the Rim Thunder series. It includes sound, dll features and vehicle parts. It works both with or without Engine Industries, and it can be an alternative dependency of Engine Idustries req mods. It…
Eccentric Tech - Core Mod_6550c54d97afd.jpeg

Eccentric Tech – Core Mod

This is the core mod for Eccentric Tech and contains shared research, buildings, and materials used by several other mods in this series. Eccentric Tech – Core Mod features Research Projects Aurora Core – Enables construction of the Aurora Core,…
Outer Rim - Rebel Alliance Mod_65369182b4ca4.jpeg

Outer Rim – Rebel Alliance Mod

This module for the Outer Rim series of mods covers anything specific to the Rebel Alliance. Primarily the faction itself and anything needed for that. Aside from anything listed for Outer Rim – Core I am not aware of any…
Animal Equipment Mod_6535864df31c8.jpeg

Animal Equipment Mod

This is a fork and continuation of the mod Animal Armor: Vanilla, and uses Animal Gear framework to allow you to research, craft, and outfit animals with warm clothes and protective battle armor. FAQ Q. How do I get animals to equip things?…
Animal Gear Mod_6536593cba4bb.jpeg

Animal Gear Mod

New (new) main mod for the actual animal armor/gear Animal Equipment Mod. Makes it possible for animals to have gear/ clothes like normal colonists. I always felt that something like this was missing and it was very hard to have…
Warhammer 40.000 - Genes Mod_65341fb5717cf.jpeg

Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod

The Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod introduces all 19 space marine geneseeds organs in the form of genes, 3 primaris geneseed genes, 4 psyker genes, 3 pariah genes, 10 chaos genes and 2 other genes. Most if not all of…
Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod_6533b63d6d9b8.jpeg

Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod

The Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod adds 95 blasters, 18 swords, 5 lightsabers, 6 grenade belts, 55 pieces of apparel, and the full weapon upgrading system from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights…
MH: Android Tiers Core Mod_6532ea5601f24.jpeg

MH: Android Tiers Core Mod

The core content and code necessary for making Android Tiers pawns work properly, without any races, based off of Mechanical Humanlikes [MH] and Humanoid Alien Races [HAR]. A baseline framework for modularity and player choice. This mod adds the various…
Mechanical Humanlikes Core Mod_6532a40698c5c.jpeg

Mechanical Humanlikes Core Mod

Mechanical Humanlikes Core (MHC) is a framework mod built off of Humanoid Alien Races (HAR) and Harmony to allow pawns of humanlike intelligence to be mechanical in nature and accounting for a number of vanilla issues around that. It also…
Primitive Core Mod_6530f71d0bbfa.jpeg

Primitive Core Mod

Adds flint for the basis of the Primitive mod series. This will serve as the Core mod of the series so that users may have more freedom choosing which modules they wish to use. Primitive Core Mod features This mod…

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