RimWorld Libraries

Argonic Core Mod_641ca8bd15bd3.jpeg

Argonic Core Mod

Argonic Core Mod is a code framework to use on my mods. Feel free to make use of it if you want as well, just tag this mod as a dependency….
[NL] Facial Animation - WIP Mod_641b9686c132c.gif

[NL] Facial Animation Mod

The facial Animation replaces pawns’ faces and adds facial animations that change depending on their mood or actions. Facial Animation Mod features Added animations: Blink RemoveApparel Wear WaitCombat Goto LayDown Lovin Ingest SocialRelax StandAndBeSociallyActive Wait_Downed Mine…

Vanilla Expanded Framework

Vanilla Expanded Framework incorporates a multitude of functionalities for different mods in order for us to boost performance by not duplicating code across several mods. Examples of shared functionality include custom base generation code with an amazing building export tool,…
Hospitality mod

Orion’s Hospitality Mod

Have you been wondering what is the point of visiting factions? Wonder no longer, the Hospitality mod is the answer. With this mod, you will be able to: Convince visitors to join your faction! Increase faction relationships! Treat visitors well… 18Beta 19
Giddy-up! Core Mod

Giddy-up! Core Mod

The Giddy-up! Core Mod includes the core files for the Giddy-up! series. It does not add anything on its own but the other mods in the series depend on it. The purpose of this series is to add mounting in… 19
Adeptus Mechanicus Armoury Mod

Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod

The Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod adds several weapons from the Warhammer 40k universe. Now with native support for Combat Extended! Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod features Integration with QuantumX’s Astra Militarum mods. Imperial weapons and wargear are craftable at the Imperial Machining Table… 18
FFGermanShepherd Mod

FF German Shepherd Mod

Old Earth’s most common and favorite duty —and service— dog finally made it to the Rim! The FFGermanShepherd Mod adds a new dog breed: the German Shepherd or Alsatian. The German Shepherd is more combat-capable than the Husky and thus,… 18

RimFortress: Dwarven Plants Mod

The RimFortress: Dwarven Plants Mod is here to add some stuff from Dwarf Fortress to your Rimworld, so that you could play Dwarf Fortress while playing Rimworld. RimFortress: Dwarven Plants Mod features Trees and Flower Added All these are cave…

XML Extensions Mod

XML Extensions is a framework and modding tool that is focused on extending the general functionality of XML mods. This framework adds many more patch operations, allows for the easy creation of mod settings in XML, and much more. Read…
SRTS Expanded Mod

SRTS Expanded Mod

The SRTS Expanded Mod adds new types of transportation ships to send pawns and resources all over the world. SRTS Expanded Mod features These are tiered, flying ships with very specific roles. They can load people and cargo and bring…
Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire Mod_63fce6dac34ed.jpeg

Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire Mod

One thing I always wanted to do but never could bring myself to do is overhaul the Empire faction in the Royalty DLC. For such a mysterious, powerful entity in the political sphere of RimWorld, there is surprisingly little content…
RimWorld of Magic

RimWorld of Magic Mod

The RimWorld of Magic Mod aims to increase the diversity of combat in RimWorld by providing player (and AI) with abilities that change the outcome of a battle.  With cosmic horrors, abominations, roving bands of cutthroat pirates, and interstellar apocalypse…

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