RimWorld Libraries

ATH's Styleable Framework Mod_64d2516db9837.jpeg

ATH’s Styleable Framework Mod

ATH’s Styleable Framework consists of several patches for buildings, which make them styleable. ATH’s Styleable Framework Mod features Currently consist of: Armchair Brazier Darklight Brazier Chess Table Crib Darktorch Drape Drum Throne Grand Throne Harp Reliquary School Desk The main…
Custom Quest Framework Mod_64723e22b4328.jpeg

Custom Quest Framework Mod

Have you ever thought about editing a quest yourself? Build your own map for other players to explore? The Custom Quest Framework has added the function of allowing players to edit quests themselves. Custom Quest Framework Mod features Edit Quest:…
Humanoid Alien Races Mid

Humanoid Alien Races Mod

The Humanoid Alien Races Mod is a framework for the creation of new alien races in RimWorld. This is a tool for modders, it it will not add content to your game. If you ever thought that the racial diversity in…
Outer Rim - Core Mod_646df53db3dce.jpeg

Outer Rim – Core Mod

Core module for Outer Rim, which is a modular Star Wars based mod series, contains most of the basics needed for the rest of the modules along with things that don’t necessarily fit into any specific one. We’re talking universal…
Music Expanded Framework Mod_646dfc452caec.jpeg

Music Expanded Framework Mod

The Music Expanded Framework Mod adds some extensions to how RimWorld’s music works, with the goal of bringing theme support and making the game more immersive, as well as allowing music-modders to add their themes without needing to remove the…
Euglena Framework Mod_646e0a560fbbf.jpeg

Euglena Framework Mod

Library that provides functionality to euglena mods….
Tabula Rasa Mod_646e50a52ebec.jpeg

Tabula Rasa Mod

Tabula Rasa is a framework on which Outpost 21 mods are built. Anyone is free to make use of this as a dependency. On it’s own, this mod does nothing for users, and will generally only have appeal for modders…
Ancient Armory Mod_645fc91deedfd.jpeg

Ancient Armory Mod

The Ancient Armory Mod adds a collection of ancient medieval weapons and armour to the game. Craftable after completing the “Ancient Smithing” research project. Although not required, I’d recommend using my other mod Medieval Fantasy Themed Rare Resources alongside as…
Biomes! Core Mod_646e034d1bb1a.jpeg

Biomes! Core Mod

Biomes! Core provides the framework for the Biomes! mod series and is required for any Biomes! mods to work. Place this mod BEFORE any other Biomes! mods! This mod does and will contain the things that will be a feature…
[SYR] Processor Framework Mod_647dc73d42720.gif

[SYR] Processor Framework Mod

A framework for processors to transform items and more, read player features! Processor Framework Mod features A processor takes a set of ingredients and turns it autonomously into a product over a period of time. The framework supports a huge…
Roo's Faun Xenotype Mod_64568ec60d825.jpeg

Roo’s Faun Xenotype Mod

Deep within the greenest and dreamiest groves of the Rim exist the Faun – a delicate and nimble relative of the deer, often compared to shooting stars, for as quickly as you catch sight of one, they’re even quicker to…
Roo's Satyr Xenotype Mod_64568ea834a35.jpeg

Roo’s Satyr Xenotype Mod

Within the clutches of the forest live the Satyr; a race of goat-like pranksters with a penchant for causing mischief. They’re easily distinguishable from Fauns by their sharp horns and curly beards, but before you even catch sight of them,…

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