RimWorld Libraries

Gastronomy Mod_644a9c05145ab.jpeg

Gastronomy Mod

Always wanted to build your own restaurant, tavern, or cafe? Now you can! Gastronomy allows (optionally) guests and (optionally) colonists to sit down and order their meals from a waiter. Gastronomy Mod features Colonists and/or guests will sit down and…
A Rim Reborn - Core Mod_644a63c614d26.jpeg

A Rim Reborn – Core Mod

A Rim Reborn brings the tools, resources, and research of Eorzea to the rimworlds! A Rim Reborn – Core Mod features Master an alternative research tree based on aether, the magical essence of the world of Hydaelyn! Synthesize aether crystals…
Euglena Framework Mod_646e0a560fbbf.jpeg

Euglena Framework Mod

Library that provides functionality to euglena mods….
Adaptive Storage Framework Mod_65032e4daefa9.jpeg

Adaptive Storage Framework Mod

Adaptive Storage Framework contains several fancy features to allow modders to better shape the way they want to make and change their own storage mods. It has added functionalities to change textures based on what items are stored, how much,…
Primitive Storage Mod_650d6cae46833.jpeg

Primitive Storage Mod

An addition to LWM’s Deep Storage. Primitive Storage adds several new structures for keeping your goods. Primitive Storage Mod features Stone Pots Woven Baskets Stacked x2 and x3 Woven Baskets Wood Piles Storage Tents Weapon Rack Meat Rack Cold Storage…
Warhammer 40.000 - Core Mod_6530f017bdb22.jpeg

Warhammer 40.000 – Core Mod

This is the core mod for my Warhammer 40.000 mod series, it adds some shared resources that other mods in the series uses. Additional credits: Thanks to Tynan for his amazing game! Thanks to the Rimworld discord modding community for…
Primitive Core Mod_6530f71d0bbfa.jpeg

Primitive Core Mod

Adds flint for the basis of the Primitive mod series. This will serve as the Core mod of the series so that users may have more freedom choosing which modules they wish to use. Primitive Core Mod features This mod…
Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod_6533b63d6d9b8.jpeg

Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod

The Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod adds 95 blasters, 18 swords, 5 lightsabers, 6 grenade belts, 55 pieces of apparel, and the full weapon upgrading system from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights…
Warhammer 40.000 - Genes Mod_65341fb5717cf.jpeg

Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod

The Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod introduces all 19 space marine geneseeds organs in the form of genes, 3 primaris geneseed genes, 4 psyker genes, 3 pariah genes, 10 chaos genes and 2 other genes. Most if not all of…
Animal Gear Mod_6536593cba4bb.jpeg

Animal Gear Mod

New (new) main mod for the actual animal armor/gear Animal Equipment Mod. Makes it possible for animals to have gear/ clothes like normal colonists. I always felt that something like this was missing and it was very hard to have…
RimThunder - Core Mod_654b556f83c69.jpeg

RimThunder – Core Mod

RimThunder Core is a framework mod for the Rim Thunder series. It includes sound, dll features and vehicle parts. It works both with or without Engine Industries, and it can be an alternative dependency of Engine Idustries req mods. It…
Giddy-Up 2 Mod_63f1094fb460d.jpeg

Giddy-Up 2 Mod

This is a continuation and overhaul of Giddy-Up, permitted by Roolo, its original author. This new version is an all-in-one, highly performant, complete with new features and improved integration. Giddy-Up 2 Mod features Giddy-Up includes three modules: Ride and Roll:…
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