RimWorld Mods

JecsTools Library

Author of the JecsTools Library: Jecrell

The JecsTools library adds components to RimWorld: vehicles, spell casting, weapon slots, oversized weapons, and more!

This is a tool designed for modders, it will not add content to your game. It contains components that allow modders to do many new and different things to RimWorld.

List of new components

  • CompAbilityUser: Adds spell/ability casting to humanlikes.
  • CompActivatableEffect: Adds an activation graphic for weapons (e.g. lightsaber beam).
  • CompDeflector: Allows the ability to knock projectiles away with melee weapons.
  • CompExtraSounds: Adds extra melee sounds to weapons.
  • CompLumbering: Gives pawns a staggered walking animation that cycles between two images (e.g. ATST walking effect).
  • CompOversizedWeapon: Allows weapons to have graphic sizes that can be bigger than RimWorld’s vanilla limits.
  • CompSlotLoadable: Adds slots to objects, weapons, apparel, etc that can be filled to have effects (e.g. an ammo slot for guns with different kinds of ammunition, crystal slots for lightsabers, etc.).
  • CompVehicle (Experimental): Allows for a pawn to be treated as a vehicle that can be loaded with pilots, gunners, crew, and passengers
  • CompInstalledPart: Allows for a part to be installable and uninstallable onto another thing. This is particularly useful for vehicle weapons.
  • CompToggleDef: Allows for a thing to despawn, change its def, and respawn.


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