Basic Double Doors Mod_66269796a6a6f.jpeg

Basic Double Doors Mod

The Double Doors Mod is a lightweight mod that adds double door versions of the vanilla doors using the new 1.5 mechanics. The Double Doors Mod includes simple door and autodoor variants. Double Doors Mod Features Double door versions of…
What's for sale? Mod_660d21ccb4df4.jpeg

What’s for sale? Mod

I restarted actually playing the game, and noticed world trading was hard to achieve. You never know if the settlements will have what you are looking for, and the waste of food made the whole thing not worth it for…
Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Winston Waves Mod_66165c6cd9c46.jpeg

Vanilla Storytellers Expanded – Winston Waves Mod

Vanilla Storytellers Expanded is a brand new mod series featuring standalone storytellers, bringing new, unique mechanics to the game. Storyteller – Winston Waves “Winston is a battle-hardened combat expert, and he believes that through combat, one can find themselves for…
Turret Vanilla Retexture and Industrial Theme Mod_65faacf2c8d89.jpeg

Turret Vanilla Retexture and Industrial Theme Mod

Turret Retexture industrial Theme This mod was created to make the turret graphics look more in line with AOBA mod….
The Profaned Mod_6603e71d41870.jpeg

The Profaned Mod

Adds a new xenotype with their own hostile faction, undead creatures, weapons, apparel, items, structures and more. The Profaned Mod features Xenotype These people are cursed to exist in a state between life and death. Although they yet retain their…
Stoneborn - Dwarven Style Pack Mod_65e837aa182b0.jpeg

Stoneborn – Dwarven Style Pack Mod

Welcome to a small module of the Stoneborn series, but an important one nonetheless, the Stoneborn Dwarven Style pack. This expansive style pack is meant for any dwarven or dwarven-themed colony, hell it could even work for dirtmoles or just…
Selective Bioregeneration Mod_66165c1e4264c.jpeg

Selective Bioregeneration Mod

Are you tired of putting your mangled pawns over and over through the lengthy and expencive bioregeneration cycle in hopes of finally fixing that one consciousness reducing neck scar? Don’t you think that the veterans of the Rim deserve better?…
ReGrowth: ReTextures Mod_660d21c441fcd.jpeg

ReGrowth: ReTextures Mod

What is ReGrowth? ReGrowth is a mod deeply influenced by the philosophy of the Vanilla Expanded Series and my understanding of how biomes should work, what role they play in your game. Everything added was made to fit or mirror…
Phaneron's Basic Storage Mod_6603e76ba88e4.jpeg

Phaneron’s Basic Storage Mod

Here we go again, another storage mod. Basic Storage is meant as an attempt to give players highly varied storage options beyond the vanilla shelves, without cluttering the menu with dozens of different buildings. Basic Storage uses the Adaptive Storage…
Museums Mod_660d21a520aaf.jpeg

Museums Mod

Have you ever wanted to show off some of the cool stuff your colonists have found or made? Love the reliquaries and relics from Ideology but can’t be compelled to invest months of in-game time to retrieve a single relic?…
Medieval Overhaul: Barbarians Mod_66142296ae570.jpeg

Medieval Overhaul: Barbarians Mod

This is the first Mod I started working on so the art is dated since im releasing it 3 years after i started working on it! You’re welcome! Barbarians Mod brings a new faction and a new way of life…
Medieval Gene Assembler Mod_65faacd27ed4a.jpeg

Medieval Gene Assembler Mod

Medieval Gene Assembler Mod features Research Technology: Soul Alchemy Unlock Transmutation Circle: Combines the functions of Gene Assembler and Gene Extractor. Gene extraction is now replaced with soul stone extraction. Gene extraction will no longer add genes regrowing. Instead, each…
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