ATH's Style Female Dresses Mod_65ce351ce293e.jpeg

ATH’s Style Female Dresses Mod

There are practically no dresses in the base game, which I consider a big loss. However, adding additional clothes that would only serve an aesthetic purpose [even if they gave +2.0 social impact] is not really my style. Instead, I…
Ambient Rim Mod_65cc881d784b1.jpeg

Ambient Rim Mod

Ambient Rim Mod features AmbientRim adds several new ambient sound effects: Trees: Bird sounds (during day, not shown in preview) Rivers: River flowing sound Coasts: Ocean waves sound Campfire/Brazier: Burning sound Customization Volume change with volume option and “Game volume”…
Alliance Assault(Release) Mod_65d5c2c92800d.jpeg

Alliance Assault Mod

This mod allows you to raid hostile settlement without using your won colonists. Alliance Assault Mod features Alliance Assault Adds a button on each hostile settlement, it costs 50 goodwill and your ally will raid the settlement with specific points(can…
Advanced Power Armor Mod_65d76fda73f5b.jpeg

Advanced Power Armor Mod

Enhance your RimWorld experience with the addition of the Advanced Power Armor, inspired by the iconic armor from Fallout 2. Delve into the depths of research to unlock the secrets of this formidable technology, which stands as a testament to…
Slaughtering Meme Mod_65ce3517f050f.jpeg

Slaughtering Meme Mod

Adds a slaughtering meme, which allows you freely sacrifice prisoners and/or animals in your rituals, without the need to use vanilla cannibal meme. I always wanted a way to have a bit more civilized human sacrifices, as a dignigified cult….
Mood Alerts Mod_65a79e4b4c8dd.jpeg

Mood Alerts Mod

Ensure the emotional well-being of your colonists with Mood Alerts, a comprehensive mod designed to keep you in tune with your colony’s collective mood. Swiftly respond to issues before they escalate, as Mood Alerts vigilantly notifies you of debuffs affecting…
VFE - Ancients: Vault Technology Mod_65a79e5d138ce.jpeg

VFE – Ancients: Vault Technology Mod

This mod adds the ability to build defensive and production structures based on ancient technologies, deconstruct previously indestructible structures and adds compatibility with some other mods and Vanilla Factions Expanded – Ancients. VFE – Ancients: Vault Technology Mod features…
Van's Retexture : Quarry Mod_65b285a6d159e.jpeg

Van’s Retexture: Quarry Mod

That one’s been sitting in my folders for a while but hopefully it can be enjoyed by all. A retexture to bring the quarries, icons and soils to a more van-illa+ style, whilst the Quarry mod is amazing and a…
The Vanity Project - Male Hair Mod_65a79e6aea359.jpeg

The Vanity Project – Male Hair Mod

Adds 10 male hairstyles. The Vanity Project – Male Hair Mod features Additional credits: Art by catdoghorse XML by Generic Anime Girl All original content (e.g., art, imagery) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0…
The Vanity Project - Female Hair Mod_659e63e9c536c.jpeg

The Vanity Project – Female Hair Mod

Adds 10 female hairstyles. Additional credits: Art by catdoghorse XML by Generic Anime Girl All original content (e.g., art, imagery) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0….
Steves Doors Mod_65b0d8c327c87.jpeg

Steves Doors Mod

This mod adds some (9 currently) new doors to the game. Neon, semi-transparent, and glowing, mostly. One step closer to the full cyberpunk city vibe. This mod was made to pair with my other infrastructure mod, Steve’s Walls. I heavily…
ReSplice: Charmweavers Mod_65a79e46655a3.jpeg

ReSplice: Charmweavers Mod

“We’ll Bang, ok?” – Commander Shepard What is ReSplice? ReSplice is the banner under which I will release any xenotype I feel like making. Similar to ReGrowth, I aim for my additions to be vanilla friendly in both artstyle and…

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