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Version 1.0Mods

Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition

Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition is a fork of the original Combat Extended mod, with integrated support for more third-party mods and a more frequent update cycle. Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition features Same co...

Version 1.0Mods

RockSmooth Walls Mod

The RockSmooth Walls Mod allows you to build walls that appear to be smoothed. All stones are available, as well as metallic & wooden walls. So they have the same stats as a normal wall. This mod is compatible...

Version 1.0Mods

RPG Style Inventory Mod

The RPG Style Inventory Mod replaces the vanilla Gear tab UI with an RPG style inventory screen. It also displays small icons denoting if the apparel is worn by corpse or is forced to wear. Compatibility notes The si...

Version 1.0Mods

Save Our Ship 2.0 Mod

The Save Our Ship 2.0 Mod serves as a comprehensive overhaul of spaceflight. Build an orbital fortress, explore the wreckage of ancient ships, and travel back and forth between distant RimWorlds! In vanilla RimWorld, ...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

More Vanilla Mechanoids Mod

A mechanical threat has risen (again)! Are you tired of shooting Scythers and Centipedes? This mod extends the Mechanoid arsenal for more variation and new challenges! More Vanilla Mechanoids Mod features The More Va...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Challenge Accepted! Mod

The Challenge Accepted! Mod adds a new challenge concept to RimWorld. A challenge is a condition in the game that you have to complete. Por example: “Kill 100 animals” or “Create a masterpiece sculpture”. These chall...

Version 1.0Mods

RWBY World of Remnant Mod

The RWBY World of Remnant Mod adds a lot features inspired by the anime RWBY to RimWorld. RWBY World of Remnant Mod features Dust Dust can be found found scattered around the world in form of raw Dust or underground. ...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Rimsenal – Enhanced Vanilla Pack

The Rimsenal – Enhanced Vanilla Pack is designed for a reinforced vanilla RimWorld gaming experience. This mod adds a variety of gears, and extends existing items. For a complete list of all the items added by this mo...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Rimsenal – Feral Faction

The Rimsenal – Feral module adds a new faction: The Ferals. Aggressive, ruthless, and numerous, they combine the firepower of marauding bandits and the manpower of tribals into a significantly formidable foe. The Fera...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Rimsenal – Federation

Rimsenal – Federation adds the hostile Federation Peacekeeper Corps faction and their associated equipment company: Arms Dynamics. They use varied forces from slave suicide bombers to massive mechsuits. Be wary, for t...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Rimsenal – Security pack

Rimsenal – Security pack adds new turrets, defenses, and utilities to the game. You’ll find a complete list of all items added by this mod here. Rimsenal – Security Pack features Shard sentry: An automated, deployable...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Rimsenal Core Mod: Season of The Hunters

The Rimsenal Core mod is focused on adding new weapons and armors. Each equipment is classified into several types depending on their manufacturer. All companies have their own strong point and weakness, so use them c...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Prepare Carefully Mod

The Prepare Carefully mod allows you to customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare for your crash landing! Use the optional point limits to try to create a balanced start or keep points disabled t...

Version 1.0Mods

Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Production Module Mod

This module is a part of the Vanilla Furniture Expanded Mod, though it is not required to play with this module.  The Production Module Mod is an ideal mod to fill that late game hole in production.  Once you set up...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod

The Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod adds a new storyteller named Rainbeau Flambe. Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod features Rain shares Randy’s love of the unpredictable, but tempers that love with a bit of Cassandra...

Version 1.0Mods

Mod Manager

Managing mods should be easy! This Mod Manager offers a cleaner, better mod management screen. Mod Manager features Separate lists for available and active mods Create and delete local copies of steam mods Create and ...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Blueprints Mod

The Blueprints mod allows for a quick construction of repetitive rooms and areas. It will allow you to copy the layout and contents of a room and paste it as many times as you want. Blueprints mod features Create blue...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Camera+ Mod

Wanna take a perfect screenshot of your base but it doesn’t fit? Or you wanna get closer than the game will allow you to? The Camera+ Mod introduces more zoom and different panning to the game. Zooming in can also be ...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

The Birds and the Bees Mod

The Birds and the Bees Mod adds reproductive organs to animals, and then  you, raiders and time can take them away again. The Birds and the Bees mod features Animals (including humanoids) require reproductive organs ...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Colony Manager Mod

This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game. Download Version: V1.0 Available on theSteam Workshop Direct Download Older versions Beta 18 Beta 19 Do you like this mod? Consider...

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