Growth Moments Make Sense Now Mod_66827749ab155.jpeg

Growth Moments Make Sense Now Mod

Ever wondered why Billy turned out to be such a drooling moron compared to his cannibalistic parents? Doesn’t make sense that they fell so far from the tree? This mod fixes that! Every growth moment, your trait/passion choices have a…
GiTS Cyberbrains Mod_6682773848694.jpeg

Ghost in the Shell Cyberbrains Mod

Ghost in the Shell Cyberbrains Mod adds 23 new cyberbrains to RimWorld, inspired by the world of Ghost in the Shell. These advanced modifications integrate micromachines with organic brain tissue, creating a hybrid superior to the original in every way….
Gene Bank Indicators Mod_66827757987aa.jpeg

Gene Bank Indicators Mod

Gene Bank Indicators Mod adds several visual indicators of how many genepacks are stored within a gene bank. Gene Bank Indicators Mod Features View post on Visually showing from 0 to 8 gene packs in the bank, depending on…
Big and Small - More Xenotypes Mod_661f96b77e3ea.jpeg

Big and Small – More Xenotypes Mod

Big and Small – More Xenotypes Mod introduces a variety of unique xenotypes to your game. This mod includes Mimics, Weavers, Devilspiders, and Abominations, with plans for more in the future. Big and Small – More Xenotypes Mod Features Mimic…
Big and Small - Genes & More Mod_66827e25b8e62.jpeg

Big and Small – Genes & More Mod

Biotech Genes and Traits Framework Mod is a core mod that includes a number of Biotech genes, traits, and the C# framework necessary for other mods to work. In total, the mod contains 68 genes (as of writing), 11 of…
War Crimes Expanded 2

War Crimes Expanded Mod 2

The War Crimes Expanded Mod expands your ability to anger your enemies and friends alike with a wide variety of torturous operations to perform on your enemies! Lobotomize them, suture their mouth or eyes shut! Hobble them! Imbed nails into…
Auto Translation Mod_6682775c020ff.jpeg

Auto Translation Mod

Automatic Translation Mod automatically machine-translates untranslated strings in RimWorld. Note: It only translates DefInjected and Keyed texts (virtually all). Auto Translation Mod features All languages available in RimWorld are supported. Automatically machine-translates untranslated strings in RimWorld (only translates DefInjected and…
Anomaly Portal Mod_668277653e26f.jpeg

Anomaly Portal Mod

Metalstorm / Shard Portal Mod adds a new entity, a new building, two backpacks, and research to RimWorld, providing exciting new gameplay elements and strategic options. Anomaly Portal Mod features The Anomaly DLC has been out for a while now,…
AAAA(Allowed Area Automatic Adapter) Mod_6682772060063.gif

AAAA (Allowed Area Automatic Adapter) Mod

AAAA – Automatic Area Assignment Alert Mod automatically issues evacuation orders to Colonists and Pets in response to the onset of a threat. It adjusts the allowed area in response to raiders, manhunter packs, wild animal predation, hostile pod landings,…
RimSaves Mod

RimSaves Mod

The RimSaves Mod introduces save menu improvements and a quicksaves system. Quickly access the desired save thanks to previews (image and meta data). No more mess with your multiple colonies saves, autosaves overwrites… now simply organize your saves into folders…
Furnace Mod

Furnace Mod

The Furnace Mod is a simple mod that adds a furnace building to heat up rooms to extreme temperatures. Burning up a room can be good for disposing of many bodies, clothes, pests and prisoners… You will have to be… 18Beta 19
Snap Out! Mod

Snap Out! Mod

The Snap Out! Mod adds the ability to calm down pawns on a mental break. Now as per usual little BB here would have a mental break because of eating without a table and go sad wandering around the base… 18Beta 19
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