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Replantable Gauranlen Trees Mod

The Replantable Gauranlen Trees Mod comes with a little patch for those who just want to move the dang things. This simply removes the node, enabling the extract tree command for Gauranlen trees. NOTE: Gauranlen...


TMC Weapon Pack Mod

TMC Weapon Pack offers weapons from previous TMC Armory mods along with some new weapons. TMC Weapon Pack Mod features Enjoy a number of boomsticks from handguns, rifles and shotguns to things such as mounted heavy ma...


Old Faction Colors Mod

The Old Faction Colors Mod changes the faction colors back to their 1.2 version so you don’t get any more pink pirates....


[Fuu] Uncompromising Fires Mod

The goal of the Uncompromising Fires Mod is to make fires more interesting and dynamic! Uncompromising Fires Mod features For indoor fires, fires will grow and spread 3x faster (value adjustable in the options), which...


Biotechnology Mod

Why is there no mod to create animals? With the Biotechnology Mod you can now culture animals with meat and neutroamine. I like the various animal addition mods. But in reality, there are very few opportunities to mee...


Better Pyromania Mod

The Better Pyromania Mod is a small overhaul mod for Rimworld’s Pyromaniac trait, inspired by multiple discussion threads on the r/Rimworld Subreddit. Its purpose is to overhaul the Pyromaniac trait from a self-destru...


Dubs Central Heating Mod

Central heating mod with boilers and radiators for more efficient heating, split piped air conditioning and freezers and ceiling fans with built in lights. Standalone version of the central heating from my Bad Hygiene...


DragSelect Mod

The DragSelect Mod allows you to drag and select multiple items in trade, caravan, and transporter loading windows. Compatibility notes It will not affect the vanilla classical click method, you can still click to...


Pong Mod

What? The Pong Mod allows you to not play RimWorld and instead allows you to waste time playing Pong. You know you win when the game crashes because your score got too high. You can reset your score in the settings m...


Choose Your Recipe Mod

Ever felt like your bills tab is full of useless junk you will never use? I got you! Now you can remove those and keep your bill tab nice and clean. Choose Your Recipe Mod features The Choose Your Recipe Mod adds gizm...


AutoCapture Mod

Auto-Capturing mod for RimWorld! The AutoCapture Mod is a simple mod used to make capturing less micro-intensive. Simply designate downed enemies/pawns to be captured, and they will automatically be imprisoned by your...


Mini-turrets+ Mod

The Mini-turrets+ Mod adds 4 new turrets: Advanced turret – very durable, high fire rate, expensive Precise turret – great range and accuracy, low fire rate Interior turret – high fire rate, very...

1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3Mods

RimHUD Mod

The RimHUD mod is a UI mod that displays a detailed information about a selected character or creature. The HUD display is integrated into the inspect pane which can be resized to fit the additional information. Alter...


Stonecutting Extended Mod

The Stonecutting Extended Mod combines the mods Skilled Stonecutting and Bulk Stonecutting. Additionally it adds a few settings. Stonecutting Extended Mod features Adds bulk bills for stonecutting: 3 chunks at once = ...


Lights Out Mod

Have you ever been frustrated about the power draw of unused workbenches, or lights on in rooms with no pawns? I know I have. Why can’t pawns just turn things off when they aren’t using them? Now they can. Lights Out ...


Prisoners Don’t Have Keys Mod

I found it odd that prisoners could open doors when escaping when fleeing raiders cannot. So the Prisoners Don’t Have Keys Mod makes prisoners have to bash doors when escaping as well. There is also a mod-option to al...

1.0 1.1 1.3Mods

SRTS Expanded Mod

The SRTS Expanded Mod adds new types of transportation ships to send pawns and resources all over the world. SRTS Expanded Mod features These are tiered, flying ships with very specific roles. They can load people and...


Moonlight Mod

Inspired by the mod Realistic Darkness, the Moonlight Mod varies the level of darkness each night. Moonlight Mod features The night’s illumination gradually shifts night by night. Some notable nights include: New moo...


Style Revised – Animalist Mod

The Style Revised – Animalist Mod comes with retextures and additions to the animalist style. Style Revised – Animalist Mod features Parka Tuque Tribalwear Tribal Headdress War Mask War Veil Simple Helmet Flak Helmet ...

1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3Mods

Prepare Carefully Mod

The Prepare Carefully mod allows you to customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare for your crash landing! Use the optional point limits to try to create a balanced start or keep points disabled t...