Space Cowboy Vehicles Mod_661f96bc12001.jpeg

Space Cowboy Vehicles Mod

The Space Cowboy: Vehicles Mod aims at enhancing the vanilla “space cowboy” feels of RimWorld by adding two little vehicles. Space Cowboy Vehicles Mod features A Jet-Engine Bike, very fast but fuel inefficient. A flying Cabriolet, very versatile, fast, and…
Show Mod Updates Mod_661f96a1ccc62.jpeg

Show Mod Updates Mod

Show Mod Updates Mod adds info about what mods have updated since you last saved your game. On startup it will check against your most recently saved game but if you load an older save it will rescan based on…
Phase Weaponry Mod_661f96c95ce45.jpeg

Phase Weaponry Mod

Welcome to another installment of the Weaponry series, this time around, we’re exploring the weapons of the good ol’ rim. PhaseWeaponry Mod is a simple and focused mod that introduces 3 new equippable spacer level guns that are heavy, bulk…
Ornithopter Mod_661f96d2222c2.jpeg

Ornithopter Mod

Based on the ornithopters from the recent Dune movies, the Ornithopter Mod intends to add a similar ornithopter into the rimworld game, perfect not just for Dune enthusiasts, but those who want a fast and cool vehicle to play around…
Name Your Entities Mod_6628d87088956.jpeg

Name Your Entities Mod

Name Your Captives Mod is a very simple mod that adds a little button to name your captured entities. Name Your Captives Mod Features Name Your Captives Mod allows you to name your captured entities easily with a simple button….
Metalhorror Scanner Mod_661f96daa97f8.jpeg

Metalhorror Scanner Mod

The Metalhorror Scanner Mod adds a simple device capable of detecting a metalhorror carrier….
Integrated Implants Mod_661f96ece6810.jpeg

Integrated Implants Mod

The Integrated Implants Mod adds 23 new implants and 2 new research projects. Integrated Implants Mod Features 5 Archotech Implants: Psychic Levitator: Gives limited telekenetic ability, allowing the user to hover off the ground to ignore terrain movement costs, avoid…
Dynamic Diplomacy - Continued Mod_661f96f14be28.jpeg

Dynamic Diplomacy – Continued Mod

The Dynamic Diplomacy Mod allows NPC factions to interact with each other without any player input. These events operate on an independent timer and do not affect the frequency of other events. It is also possible to enable/disable any event…
Ceiling Mounted Orbital Trade Beacon Mod_661f96e3dadad.jpeg

Ceiling Mounted Orbital Trade Beacon Mod

The Ceiling Mounted Orbital Trade Beacon Mod adds a simple ceiling mounted trade beacon for your storage rooms! I was rather annoyed with having trade beacons on the floors of my otherwise clean warehouses, and with mod options for everything…
Blood Animations Mod_6626979f6a0e4.gif

Blood Animations Mod

Extreme Violence Mod adds blood sprays, animated bleeding, ricochets, and impact debris for non-organic pawns and structures! Extreme Violence Mod Features Directional blood sprays Triggered by direct damage, such as bullets, explosions, and damaging psycasts, and the blood amount scales…
Ushankas Biological Warfare Mod_661f969d5b4ea.jpeg

Biological Warfare Mod

Biological Warfare Mod aims to introduce a whole new type of deadly arsenal: biological weapons. They can be used in both defensive and offensive strategies, providing balanced firepower. Everything is presented in vanilla-style graphics and described with original lore. Biological…

Basic Double Doors Mod

The Double Doors Mod is a lightweight mod that adds double door versions of the vanilla doors using the new 1.5 mechanics. The Double Doors Mod includes simple door and autodoor variants. Double Doors Mod Features Double door versions of…
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