How to install RimWorld Mods

Mods are modifications of the game files made by players that add features and expand the original game. To install a mod […]

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Hunter Mechanoid Mod_64f05dd83d9ae.jpeg

Hunter Mechanoid Mod

Teh Hunter Mechanoid Mod adds a new worker mechanoid capable of hunting, slaughtering, and taking animals to pens. Hunter Mechanoid Mod features Highlights: 2 Bandwith 3 Hunting stealth 3.4 Movement speed Same armor amount as a militor Hunts marked animals…
Underground Vault Mod_64e72340f0639.jpeg

Underground Vault Mod

If you have giant colony with lots of items in storage your may be suffering from heavy lag. If you don’t need most of these items any time soon, the Underground Vault Mod will help you store these items safely…
Vehicle Framework Mod_64d4ae1e5743c.jpeg

Vehicle Framework Mod

This mod is a framework that enables modders to create vehicles. This mod does not include any vehicles on its own. If you are a modder that wishes to use the framework I highly suggest you join the discord server….
Crop Rotation Mod_64dde8c712da5.jpeg

Crop Rotation Mod

Planting the same crop over and over is fine in RimWorld but, in real life, this causes issues. The soil loses its fertility and pests and diseases happily make themselves a permanent home as their preferred food source is guaranteed….
Divine Order Mod_64d4ae41b63b4.jpeg

Divine Order Mod

The Divine Order Mod adds a new medieval/fantasy faction to the game, along with a bunch of associated weapons, apparel, items, styles and more. Divine Order Mod features The Divine Order faction Either forcefully initiated or born into the order,…
Gene Extractor Tiers Mod_64dde8b958939.jpeg

Gene Extractor Tiers Mod

The Gene Extractor Tiers Mod adds improved versions of the gene extractor which will extract genes from a characters until you’ve extracted every gene available. An improved version can also extract archite genes. At default settings it will extract one…
Hospitality: Vending machines Mod_64dde8ab96bda.jpeg

Hospitality: Vending machines Mod

This hospitality add-on adds a vending machine and a fridge vending machine if rimfridge or simple fridge is installed. Hospitality: Vending machines Mod features A vending machine requires a small bit of electricity. It requires you to research Complex Furniture….
Light Cycle Mod_64dde8c2830fc.jpeg

Light Cycle Mod

The Light Cycle Mod adds a vehicle called the Light Cycle inspired by Tron. Light Cycle Mod features Recipes LIGHT CYCLE Without VVE or EI: 1 Light Cycle Engine 200 Steel 40 Plasteel 5 Components Research: Fabrication With VVE: 1…
Simple Checklist Mod_64d4ae4f3db10.jpeg

Simple Checklist Mod

Do you lose track of your goals while playing Rimworld? Do you enjoy creating organized workflows and following checklists for fun? You do? Really? Well then this is the mod for you! Track your goals on a checklist that is…
Medieval Overhaul Patches Mod_64dde8b06c39d.jpeg

Medieval Overhaul Patches Mod

Multiple patches that attempt to integrate mods into a better playthrough of Medieval Overhaul. Medieval Overhaul Patches Mod features Medieval Overhaul Swapped to Processor Framework for Cheese Presser, Hay Rack, Meat Drying, Smoker. Dried Meat now ingredient with adjusted recipe…
Snow Crawler Mod_64d4ae303482d.jpeg

Snow Crawler Mod

The Snow Crawler Mod adds in a heavy duty snow crawler named the “Wintermute” via Vehicle Framework, it also features a bonus scenario. Snow Crawler Mod features While at first glance the wintermute may seem underwhelming, it’s a vehicle that…
Boats (Continued) Mod_64dde8bdea9ee.jpeg

Boats Mod

The Boats Mod adds boats to RimWorld! Boats Mod features Boats: Galleon – requires Smithing research, will eventually have turrets (cannons) Caravel – requires Smithing research, will eventually have turrets (cannons) Paddle Steamer – requires Machining research, large cargo capacity…

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