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How to Install RimWorld Mods

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Mods are modifications of the game files made by players that add features and expand the original capabilities of a game. Mods can contribute to the success and continuity of a game, as it makes them more lively and open countless possibilities. It is really impressive to see what a community can do with a game when given the freedom and tools to modify it. The content of this website is proof of it.

RimWorld has an extensive supply of mods and tools to make your experience even more fun. RimWorld Mods can be small tweaks that add a feature or two, or try to fix a bug or a fault in the user interface. But they can also be huge additions that expand the gameplay or turn the game into a complete different experience. It is up to you to choose how do you want to customize your game but, with this guide, we will show you how to get started.

How to download and install RimWorld mods

Before downloading a mod, specially if you are downloading it directly and not from the Steam Workshop, you must find out if it’s compatible with your game version. RimWorld was in open beta for a long time and it got updated very often, making mods target one version or another. If you are playing via Steam, you will always play with the latest released version, unless you opted not to update your game. You can check which version are you playing with on the main menu screen of the game (top left corner).

The download files you will find in this website are always up to date with the latest version of RimWorld. Older versions may be available, but you will find them listed separately.

You are now ready to download and install RimWorld Mods!

Direct Download

  1. Download it!
  2. You will get a zipped file, which you have to extract (use a decompression tool of your choice: winzip, winrar, 7zip…).
  3. Locate your mods folder. You will find it in your RimWorld install location. If you can’t find it:
    • Windows: right-click on the RimWorld executable and go to Properties. Then click on Open File Location. Your Mods folder should be in there.
    • Mac: click on your hard drive and go to applications. Then right-click on the RimWorld app and go to Show Package Contents. Here you will find all the folders for the RimWorld app, including the Mods folder.
    • Steam mods folder location for direct download:
  4. Move the decompressed mod folder inside the Mods directory. Make sure that the mod files are 1 level deep, for example:
    • DO: /mods/mod_name/mod_files
    • DON’T: /mods/mod_name/mod_name/mod_files
  5. Start RimWorld and go to Mods from the main menu. In this window you can activate and deactivate mods.

Steam Workshop

  1. Go to the mod’s Steam Workshop page.
  2. Click Subscribe. The mod will start downloading automatically when you start the game.
  3. Start RimWorld and go to Mods from the main menu. All your subscribed mods will appear in this window where you can activate and deactivate them.

Why is mod order important

RimWorld Mods get executed in order from top to bottom, one after the other. For this reason, mods that are dependent on others must be placed below those. The description of a RimWorld mod should state where to place them. But generally, these are some guidelines that must be followed for mods to run properly:

  1. The Core folder should always be first.
  2. The Community Core Library, if your mods require it, should go next.
  3. Other Library mods go next (such as HugsLib or JecsTools).
  4. Item-intensive or game-intensive mods should be closer to the top.
  5. Expansion mods should be placed after the original mod.

Compatibility notes

Some RimWorld mods alter the same files or variables and thus are not compatible with each other. These are some notes you should take into consideration when using multiple mods simultaneously:

  • Many content mods (such as Weapon, Apparel, Faction or even Hair mods) are compatible with each other.
  • Mods that change the same base game files, such as combat overhaul mods, are usually incompatible.
  • Mods that add functionality to base game things are compatible but won’t add those functionalities to content introduced by other mods.
  • Modpack authors try to make mods in their pack compatible with each other. Adding or updating mods might break the pack.

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