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How to get RimWorld’s neutroamine

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RimWorld’s Neutroamine is a synthetic precursor chemical. Though useless on its own, it is an ingredient needed to craft various drugs at a drug lab, such as penoxycyline and wake-up. Neutroamine can also be combined with herbal medicine and cloth to create the standard medicine at the drug lab.

And, if you’re using mods, you might also need neutroamine to craft other drugs like the pain killers or anti-depressants added by the More Medications Mod.

How to obtain RimWorld’s Neutroamine

There is no method to craft neutroamine in vanilla RimWorld as of Beta 18, which makes it a difficult resource to obtain. There are only three ways of acquiring it without using mods:

  1. Buying it from traders. It may available from orbital traders and caravan traders of these types: bulk goods, exotic goods, and pirate merchants. Not combat suppliers. If traders do have neutroamine to sell, they will often have an amount of 150-200 bottles, which cost around 10 silver each. This is the most reliable way of getting it in vanilla RimWorld.
  2. Getting it from cargo pods. If you are lucky enough, it is one of the possible loots from crashed pods.
  3. Getting it from crashed ships. As rare as these events are, crashed ships often drop it (along with dozens of other resources).

Even though neutroamine bottles aren’t very expensive, buying great amounts can be a pain, specially on the early game. But it is a scarce resource, and many days can pass before you see any other trader selling it again, so it is highly recommended to buy as many as you can afford. Unless you are using mods to craft or farm neutroamine, which we get into next.

How to craft neutroamine

Neutroamine is not meant to be craftable in vanilla RimWorld as a way to balance the game. The idea is that you don’t get an “unlimited” supply of drugs, as that could make the game too easy. But you may find that waiting for traders to have neutroamine to sell is a never ending torture. And you are not alone, many modders have developed several ways to craft, farm or extract neutroamine from different sources. We’ll cover all methods that you can use to craft it coming up next.

Extract neutroamine from boomalopes and boomrats

Boomalopes and boomrats are quite an annoying species. Though peaceful by nature, they explode when harmed, damaging everything and everyone around them, and often causing uncontrollable fires. They may be a result of years of technological residues contaminating the planets of the rim, and they have a peculiar shape with attached bubbles that suggest they hold a flammable liquid inside.

Though there is no official records on what this liquid might actually be, modders have been giving it purpose. There are mods that claim this liquid is chemfuel, others neutroamine, and others that is made of an entirely new chemical.

Neutroamine Crafting Mod PreviewThe Chemicals & Neutroamine Mod will allow you to milk a chemical named neutroglycerin from boomalopes and boomrats, male or female. It will then be unlocked as a crafting recipe at the drug lab, and it will require 2 buckets of neutroglycerin and a pawn with a crafting skill of 8 to refine one bottle of neutroamine. It takes boomalopes 5 days to produce 10 buckets of neutroglycerin. And it takes boomrats 1 day to produce 1 bucket of neutroglycerin. With this mod, neutroglycerin can also be used to produce Chemfuel at the refinery.

The Sparkling Worlds Mod is a much bigger mod that also allows the extraction of neutroamine from boomrats and boomalopes, along with the crafting of many other advanced resources.

It is up to you to decide whether this method of obtaining it makes sense or not with the RimWorld lore, but one thing is for certain: it gives those boomalopes and boomrats a purpose. Also, maintaining a farm of highly explosive animals is guaranteed to be fun.

Plant neutroamine leafs

A different mod called Balanced Neutroamine Production adds a new kind of harvestable plant named neutroaleaf. The leaves harvested from this plant can be refined at a drug lab to obtain neutroamine, or they can be transformed into herbal medicine at a crafting spot.

Extract neutroamine from drugs and waste

Some mods suggest that it can be extracted from drugs that were produced using neutroamine as a chemical component to begin with. So every medicine, penoxycylin pill, wake-up dose, and other drugs made of neutroamine is a potential resource to obtain the original ingredient. Got too much wake-up and not enough medicine? No problem! Destroy any excess of drugs and convert the resulting neutroamine into whatever you need.

The Drugs to Neutroamine Mod lets you extract it from drugs after the Drug Neutralization Research (1600 research points), including: Luciferium, GoJuice, Penoxycyline, WakeUp and Medicine.

The Chemical processing – Waste disposal Mod will let you break anything you don’t need into chemical compounds. It can be used as a good form of waste disposal, and it comes with a chemical synthesizer that can be used to obtain the valuable neutroamine.

Craft it from various resources

Nobody knows what it’s actually made of. The DIY Neutroamine Mod will allow you to synthesize it from the combination of psychoid and smokeleaf plants. This mod gives a new use for the psychoid plant, which otherwise is rarely ever used. It’s not the most complex way of crafting it, as other mods provide, but if you’re looking for a simple solution, this is it.

Alternatively, the Craftable Drugs Mod allows the production of neutroamine at the drugs lab by combining three key ingredients: psychoid leaves, strawberries and herbal medicine. Adding strawberries to the mix is an odd choice, but who is to say they got it wrong? Besides allowing the crafting of neutroamine, this mod also comes with a way of crafting luciferium, which requires a lot of neutroamine to produce. To keep a regular stock of luciferium, you’ll need great amounts of neutroamine, so they kind of balance each other out while giving you a chance to keep luciferium addicts alive.

Drill it from deep mines

This method will guarantee that you don’t have access to an excess of neutroamine up until the late game. The Random Veins Mod adds new random ores and veins across the map to make mining more interesting and, additionally, it adds new resources to drill underground, including neutroamine. In order to get it, you’ll have to research and build the ground-penetrating scanner, and place deep drills above the neutroamine resource area. This resource is limited so, after you’ve exhausted all of it, you’ll have to find another way of acquiring it.


These are all the options you have if you want to craft ityourself. The fact that there are so many mods dedicated to it proves that neutroamine is scarce in the game and buying it from traders is not satisfying enough for most players. Perhaps we’ll get to see one of these methods implemented in the game in the future.

Which one do you prefer? Do you have any other ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

Compensate by making your game harder

So you like your game being a challenge, but you don’t want to wait around for neutroamine to come to your doors, or you simply want to be able to craft everything you need within the grounds of your colony. That’s okay. Perhaps you prefer that your game become more difficult in other areas.

The Environmental Nightmare Pack is a pack of mods that will make every planet a truly inhospitable place. Only recommended for hardcore players! The Rim of Madness Expansion, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft is also popular for its terrifying monsters and crazy setting.

You can find all the mods dedicated to making RimWorld a harder experience on our Difficult Mod Archive. A strong race of orcs, zombies, over-powered new mechanoids, heartless storytellers and plenty of challenges for you to take on. Have fun!

Here’s a very thorough 50-min video about the production of RimWorld’s neutroamine!

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