Environmental Nightmare Pack

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Tired of all planets looking the same? This is a pack of mods that will make every environment a truly inhospitable place. Only recommended for hardcore players!

Advanced Biomes Mod

Adds new and unique biomes to the map.

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Realistic Darkness Mod

Tired of not being able to tell whether it’s day or night because they both look similar? Ever wanted lighting to really MATTER?

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Nature’s Pretty Sweet Mod

Adds additional terrain elements, weather and biomes. It also updates the map in response to weather, giving a more wild, untamed and alive feeling to the world.

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Increased Forest Density Mod

Drastically increases plant density and turns your sparse woodlands and jungles into a primordial forest.

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Darkest Night Mod

An event mod that will make your heart start pounding much faster! In this event, darkness has come to RimWorld and, with it, death.

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Enlighten Mod

With the Enlighten Mod light does matter. You must walk carefully in a place full of darkness. So now your pawns will move and work slower in darkness.

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No Firewatcher Mod

Removes the default behavior named firewatcher which sends rain every time that fires get too out of control.

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Cold Desert Nights Mod

Provides a way to configure the temperature difference between day and night for each biome.

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Seasonal Weather Mod

Extends the weather behavior to change based on season.

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