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Authors of the Realistic Darkness Mod: Helpful Bot, Viceroy, Cram

“In vanilla, lights are for your pawns; with the Realistic Darkness Mod, the lights are for you.”

Tired of not being able to tell whether it’s day or night because they both look similar? Ever wanted lighting to really matter? Well then the Realistic Darkness Mod is for you.

The Realistic Darkness Mod changes lighting and saturation in RimWorld to be dynamically darker. It also changes colors and saturation of weather patterns and the eclipse event along the same lines.

Realistic Darkness Mod features

This is how the Realistic Darkness Mod will affect your game:

  • Nights are considerably darker.
  • Night darkness changes dynamically with weather conditions:
    Hard/Gentle snow are the lightest nights, Dry thunderstorms are only slightly darker than clear nights and Foggy Rain is the darkest.
  • Saturation (color strength) changes more dynamically in response to weather.
  • Movespeed and ranged accuracy are very close to vanilla values. Hard snow and foggy rain are harshest on accuracy and movement (foggy rain movement is same as rain).
  • Eclipses are now as dark as clear nights.
  • The Realistic Darkness Mod does override your vanilla weather definitions. Weather effects are the same as vanilla with the exception of accuracy debuffs associated with Foggyrain and gentle snow. Foggy rain is now 0.4 (0.5 vanilla) and gentle snow is now 0.9 (0.8 Vanilla).
  • At night and especially during weather events, unlit areas will be very difficult to see! This is not a slightly darker mod; with this mod enabled darkness really means darkness.
  • Foggy rain weather makes night extremely dangerous because you will not be able to see unlit areas at all!
  • Daylight remains unchanged but weather patterns have a stronger effect on aesthetic (NOT effective) light levels even during daylight hours.

And this is how the Realistic Darkness Mod will not change the game:

  • The Realistic Darkness Mod does not alter your colonists’ (or plants) feelings or perception about the darkness and light levels.
  • It also does not change accuracy calculations relating to darkness or the effective brightness value of a tile.
  • Fires do not produce light. That is just how the game is currently coded and has nothing to do with this mod. You just never realized it before because night wasn’t really that dark.

Realistic Darkness [Ligher Version]

There is a lighter version of this mod where the light is half of the light in vanilla but triple the light of the regular mod. The lighter version is probably more appropriate for most users. The darker version is purposely targeted at people like myself who not only want the immersion/flavor of true nights but also want to make the game distinctly harder.

You can get the lighter version here.

Compatibility notes

The Realistic Darkness Mod has a very small footprint and should be compatible with everything that doesn’t touch eclipses or the weather definitions.

However, this mod overrides 1 definition file and 1 assembly event:

  • weathers.xml definition file.
  • Eclipse events in the core game assembly (does not touch event handlers; only the specific verse associated with this one event).
This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Realistic Darkness Mod Review
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So you’re starting to feel like the game is not challenging anymore, or you simply want to play in a realistic environment… well the Realistic Darkness Mod is a great way to make RimWorld a little more extreme. If you’ve ever been far away from civilization at night, you know that it’s pitch black. Now you’ll get to experience that in-game too.

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