RimWorld 1.4

War Crimes Expanded 2

War Crimes Expanded Mod 2

The War Crimes Expanded Mod expands your ability to anger your enemies and friends alike with a wide variety of torturous operations to perform on your enemies! Lobotomize them, suture their mouth or eyes shut! Hobble them! Imbed nails into…
RimSaves Mod

RimSaves Mod

The RimSaves Mod introduces save menu improvements and a quicksaves system. Quickly access the desired save thanks to previews (image and meta data). No more mess with your multiple colonies saves, autosaves overwrites… now simply organize your saves into folders…
Snap Out! Mod

Snap Out! Mod

The Snap Out! Mod adds the ability to calm down pawns on a mental break. Now as per usual little BB here would have a mental break because of eating without a table and go sad wandering around the base… 18Beta 19

Plant Human Mod

Start a human farm with the Plant Human Mod to trade with passing cannibals or pirates, feed your cannibal colony, feed your carnivores, harvest organs, create an army of expendable soldiers, or just increase the size of your colony quickly….

RT Fuse Mod

The RT Fuse Mod adds researchable (RT Mods research tab) electric fuses to mitigate short circuits. When placed anywhere on a power network, each fuse will safely discharge up to three of network’s batteries, mitigating or preventing the explosion. Does…
Tilled Soil Mod

Tilled Soil Mod

Since the beginning of civilization the human race has been cultivating land and planting crops. Tilling a soil brings vital nutrients that help crops grow quickly and strong. With the Tilled Soil Mod you can finally plant crops properly too….
Gas Trap Mod

Gas Trap Mod

The Gas Trap Mod adds two types of traps (each with several variants): the Gas Trap and the Insect Trap. Gas traps release a cloud of gas when any pawn hostile to your faction walks too close. Severity builds up… 18Beta 19
Mad Skills Mod

Mad Skills Mod

The Mad Skills Mod adds some extra settings to the game that allow you to tweak or completely turn off the natural skill degradation and learning saturation. Mad Skills Mod features The Mad Skills Mod comes with the following tweaks… 18Beta 19

Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Medical Module Mod

This module is a part of Vanilla Furniture Expanded which can be downloaded here. The Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Medical module Mod adds several new pieces of furniture to allow players for higher variety of medical beds and linkables. Sterile…

Rimbrellas! Mod

Tired of colonists getting mad about being left out in the rain? Keep them happy and dry with this fantastic new invention: the umbrella! Craftable from any kind of fabric, umbrellas will keep people dry as well as being worth…

RT Solar Flare Shield Mod

The RT Solar Flare Shield Mod adds researchable (RT Mods research tab) magnetic shield to protect colony electronics from EMI and solar flares. The device heats up considerably while engaged, so plan accordingly! Does not require a new colony to…

RT Power Switch Mod

The RT Power Switch Mod adds a new researchable (RT Mods research tab) function for the power switch: when enabled, a new settings tab will become available on the power switch, allowing precise configuration of how should the switch react…
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