RimWorld 1.4

Compact Work Tab Mod_65032e4913cf6.jpeg

Compact Work Tab Mod

If you have a smaller screen or mods that add a lot of work types (like my own Many Jobs for instance) you may have encountered the heartbreak of the unreadable Work tab. This mod is very simple. It rotates…
[Og] Automatic Power Switch Mod_65032e5ac14c6.jpeg

[Og] Automatic Power Switch Mod

Are you tired of reconnecting turrets over and over again just to save some power and, more importantly, increase your tps? Automatic Power Switch Mod features With this mod, when completing the Microelectronics research, you can use the “remote toggle…
Adaptive Storage Framework Mod_65032e4daefa9.jpeg

Adaptive Storage Framework Mod

Adaptive Storage Framework contains several fancy features to allow modders to better shape the way they want to make and change their own storage mods. It has added functionalities to change textures based on what items are stored, how much,…
Adaptive Storage Neolithic Module Mod_6502d2b6c00e0.jpeg

Adaptive Storage Neolithic Module Mod

Adaptive Storage – Neolithic is a mod that brings fancy new ways for players to expand their idea of item storages! This module covers the neolithic tech level and includes a good selection of storage containers to choose from to…
Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox Mod [Deluxe Edition]

Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox Mod [Deluxe Edition]

Introducing Kurin, a new visitor to Rimworld: Kurin is a human being with a gene of fox, made a long time ago in a genetic experiment in a glitterworld. On that planet Kurin created a nation and enjoyed prosperity, but…
Map Transmutation Mod_64e72345a8ee2.gif

Map Transmutation Mod

Regenerate everything outside the home area Create limitless map sizes for endless exploration Easily resize and reshape existing maps while preserving your whole base…
Layered Wall Destruction Mod_64f05d9dac466.jpeg

Layered Wall Destruction Mod

The Layered Wall Destruction Mod aims to make urban combat more interesting by introducing multiple stages of destroyed walls. Layered Wall Destruction Mod features When a raider knocks out all HP in your normal wall, instead of disappearing completely, it…
Edge of Descension - Hovercrafts Mod_64e72350dcdff.gif

Edge of Descension – Hovercrafts Mod

The Hovercrafts Mod adds ultratech transport vehicles that took similarities from the imperial shuttle, but repurposed into a land vehicle instead. Hovercrafts Mod features Stylish and speedy, the use of thrusters increase the maneuverability of the hovercrafts, especially on roads…
Dynamic Trade Interface Mod_64e7234c3d70b.jpeg

Dynamic Trade Interface Mod

Originally inspired by Trade UI Revised, the Dynamic Trade Interface Mod has been written from scatch to provide a customizable and high performance trade interface that other mods can easily extend with additional columns. Dynamic Trade Interface Mod features Pick…
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Deserters Mod_64f05dd3a34a2.jpeg

Vanilla Factions Expanded – Deserters Mod

After the release of Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire, a lot of you have requested that we tell the other side of this marvelous story – the story of Deserters. So many of you have requested it that in fact…
RimThunder - Roaring Tiger Mod_64e7235f007ee.jpeg

RimThunder – Roaring Tiger Mod

There was once a time when Glitterworld television producers used entire planets as staged battlegrounds to shoot and broadcast “War Films” for the galactic audience. Thousands of these ancient vehicles were produced en mass to be blown up on live…
Mechanization - MobileWorker Mod_64f05dbcedeaf.jpeg

Mechanization – MobileWorker Mod

The Mechanization – MobileWorker Mod adds Mobile Worker from Iron Blooded Orphans into RimWorld. Mechanization – MobileWorker Mod features Announce to you Mechanization, a mod series about Mecha and Mecha-liked Vehicles. which does mean it only include vehicle, without other…

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