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Rimbrellas! Mod

Author of the Rimbrellas! Mod: battlemage64

Tired of colonists getting mad about being left out in the rain? Keep them happy and dry with this fantastic new invention: the umbrella! Craftable from any kind of fabric, umbrellas will keep people dry as well as being worth a lot on the market as a symbol of style and fashion!

Rimbrellas! Mod features

Adds five umbrellas of various uses and tech levels:

  • Umbrella: the basic umbrella, a canopy on a pole. You don’t need research to make this — just enough knowledge to weave fabric and put it on a stick. It’s useful but not especially nice.
  • Parasol: Just as simple as the umbrella, but this one is a fashion statement! Have your parasol decorated by an artist and give it to a colonist for a small social impact bonus! Requires complex clothing research to make.
  • Foldable umbrella: Much less cumbersome and bulky, the foldable umbrella is worth more and gives a small social boost due to its flashy display of manufacturing technology. It also only appears in the rain (this is configurable in the settings window). Requires knowledge of machining to produce the small catches and bars needed to construct one. Also requires a small amount of steel to craft.
  • Foldable parasol: a parasol, but foldable. Gives bonuses for both a parasol and a foldable umbrella, and only appears in the rain and snow. The ultimate in overhead artistry. Also requires machining and a small amount of steel.
  • Steel umbrella: an armored umbrella, constructed mostly of steel, that will turn aside bullets (sometimes) but is VERY unwieldy. When held over one’s head, it protects them from headshots, converting any sharp damage into blunt damage and preventing most instant kill shots to the head. However, a colonist carrying this will be encumbered and very slow. Requires plate armor research.

Umbrellas are made at a tailoring bench, except the steel umbrella which is made at a smithy.

The mod settings window allows you to choose whether foldable umbrellas appear in the rain and in the snow. You can also choose whether they will appear indoors (which will only happen if they would appear outside).

Compatibility notes

This mod is compatible with existing saves, but should not be removed from saves containing it. This mod may not work with mods that add modified pawn types, like cyborgs or aliens, or mods that modify graphics or pawn thoughts. If you find an incompatibility, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it compatible.

THIS MOD IS LIKELY NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Android Tiers. Several people have reported game-breaking bugs with this and Android Tiers mod enabled.

Additional credits: Alcor – fantastic umbrella textures!, Zephyr – Chinese translation and Proxyer – Japanese translation.

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