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Author of the Ask Before Enter Mod: Mlie

Sometimes that trader caravan enters just at the wrong time, triggering the dormant mech cluster leading to the premature destruction of your base.

Ask Before Enter Mod features

This mod shows a message as a trade caravan approches where you can tell them to not enter.

Since modding is just a hobby for me I expect no donations to keep modding. If you still want to show your support you can gift me anything from my Wishlist or buy me a cup of tea.

    • See if the the error persists if you just have this mod and its requirements active.
    • If not, try adding your other mods until it happens again.
    • Post your error-log using HugsLib and command Ctrl+F12
    • For best support, please use the Discord-channel for error-reporting.
    • Do not report errors by making a discussion-thread, I get no notification of that.
    • If you have the solution for a problem, please post it to the GitHub repository.
This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Older versions 1.3

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