RimWorld 1.4

Substance Abuse Mod_643adf2b6bff2.jpeg

Substance Abuse Mod

The Substance Abuse Mod adds 10 drinkable alcoholic beverages to the game. Each has their own effect when consumed Substance Abuse Mod features Commissioned for “ParaNautic#7464” from “Rimworld Mod Market” Discord. Additional credits: Starsector series SirHartley- Substance.Abuse 1.0.k – Consumable…
RimThunder - Mobile Infantry Mod_643adf253e82a.jpeg

RimThunder – Mobile Infantry Mod

The RimThunder – Mobile Infantry Mod adds mobile infantry and related weapon from war thunder event. Happy april’s fools! So I made this mod. Enjoy :3 Additional credits: Graphics are made by Aoba. (Mobile infantry design and concepts are own…
(Beta) Half-Life RW - Combine Synths Mod_643adf300ebef.jpeg

Half-Life RW – Combine Synths Mod

Currently adds a Combine Dropship and Gunship from Half-Life 2 using the Aerocraft Framework. Features custom sounds. This mod is a PROOF OF CONCEPT for a future Half-Life expansion mod I’d like to produce – be aware that you will…
Floors Are (Almost) Worthless Mod_643adf3a9c776.jpeg

Floors Are (Almost) Worthless Mod

A very simple patch that sets the wealth of all constructed floors to 1. The way floors impact colony wealth in vanilla always made little sense to me, especially since all pre-placed floors on the starting map automatically counted towards…
Bunk Beds Mod_643adf2240759.jpeg

Bunk Beds Mod

Expand your furniture collection with an all new, space-efficient pawn storing method, bunk beds! This innovative solution allows you to store up to 3 pawns in the same 2 tiles, saving a bunch of space in your base. Bunk Beds…
A Rim Reborn - Classes and Jobs Mod_644419b552da4.jpeg

A Rim Reborn – Classes and Jobs Mod

Adds classes and jobs from Final Fantasy XIV to RimWorld! A Rim Reborn – Classes and Jobs Mod features Adds class and job learning capability to Eorzean races. Adds the Marauder, Lancer, Archer, Thaumaturge, and Conjurer base classes. Adds the…
A Rim Reborn - Core Mod_644a63c614d26.jpeg

A Rim Reborn – Core Mod

A Rim Reborn brings the tools, resources, and research of Eorzea to the rimworlds! A Rim Reborn – Core Mod features Master an alternative research tree based on aether, the magical essence of the world of Hydaelyn! Synthesize aether crystals…
Dark Ages : Crypts and Tombs Mod_644419a27a853.jpeg

Dark Ages: Crypts and Tombs Mod

Dark Ages: Crypts & Tombs aims to give just a bit more “life” to your pawns final resting place. Always hated how your medieval crypts lacked that little something? Well I think you’d probably find something to your liking here….
Bill Doors' MedEvac Mod_644419abda123.jpeg

Bill Doors’ MedEvac Mod

Rescue wounded pawns and prisoners with a flare signal, also comes with a bombardment flare. Bill Doors’ MedEvac Mod features The flares are acquired via quest reward or trader stock. They’re accessory equipments with 3 uses. After the flare is…
Bill Doors' Framework Mod_644a5cbdd5993.jpeg

Bill Doors’ Framework Mod

A collection of code that I use so I don’t have to copy them all around. A brief introduction of its content is in the document.txt in the folder….
Impact Weaponry Mod_644419ba0b1ee.jpeg

Impact Weaponry Mod

Bring a new world of pain to your heretical foes with this new destructive set of weapons, Impact Weapons! All these new weapons create explosions upon impact, making them extremely useful against highly armored enemies like mechanoids, tough base defenses,…
Door Clearance Mod_644419b0a2b2b.jpeg

Door Clearance Mod

A lightweight mod which adds an extra validation rule when items are placed on the ground – they will now consider door/gate tiles as invalid. The goal here is to prevent sensitive doors from being stuck open due to items…

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