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Apparello 2 Mod

Author of the Apparello 2 Mod: Shinzy

The Apparello 2 Mod adds tons of new clothing to RimWorld. Most of the crafting is locked behind their own research. If crafting and research ain’t your thing you can still loot most of the cool stuff from raiders, which arguably is the only “real” way of collecting hats.

Apparello 2 Mod content

More than 50 hats, 15 pants and 30 pieces of new apparel!

Research projects

  • Apparel design and patterning
  • Safety standards
  • Apparel augmentation (not as exciting as it sounds!)
  • Prototype apparel
  • Quilting (Available without research on Classic start)
  • Tribal adornment (Tribals get this one for free in their scenario)


  • Tinkering bench
  • Schematic cabinet (Ad-don for Hi-tech research bench and Tinkering bench, Only available from traders!)

Take a look at the Apparello Wiki for a full list of the apparel added by this mod and their stats.

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