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Astra Militarum Imperial Guard ServoSkull Addon Mod

Author of the Astra Militarum Imperial Guard ServoSkull Addon Mod: QuantumX
An Addon for Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Core Mod.

Imperial Guard ServoSkull Addon Mod features

A Servo-skull is a drone-like robotic device that appears to be a human skull outfitted with electronic or cybernetic components that utilise embedded anti-gravity field generators to allow them to hover and drift bodiless through the air.

They are fashioned from the skulls of loyal Adepts of the Adeptus Terra and other pious Imperial servants to which robotic components and an antigravitic impeller have been added. This is so that they may continue their work for the Emperor of Mankind even after death. To have one’s skull chosen to serve as a Servo-skull is a great honour in the Imperium, for it implies one’s service in life has been satisfactory enough to warrant continuation beyond death.

Addon Contains The Following Servo Skulls:

  • Tier 0 Servo Skull — Basic Servo Skull with 0 manipulators to do Hauling (P1) and Cleaning (P2) using its movement tentacles.
  • Tier 1 Servo Skull — Industrial Servo Skull with 2 manipulators to do Emergency Firefighting(P1), Crop Management(P2), Hauling (P3) and Cleaning (P4).
  • Tier 2 Servo Skull — Skilled Servo Skull with 4 manipulators to do Medicae(P1), Firefighting(P2), Cooking (P3), Construction (P4), Mining (P5).
  • Tier 3 Servo Skull — Advanced Servo Skull with 2 Adanced manipulators and 2 standard manipulators to do all Jobs.

Compatibility notes

As with any Imperial Guard Addon mod, it must be AFTER the Imperial Guard Core mod in the mod list within Rimworld, it must also be after Misc Robots mod by Haplo:

– Core
– Misc. Robots
– Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Core Mod
– Astra Militarum Imperial Guard ServoSkull Addon Mod

Astra Militarum Imperial Guard ServoSkull Addon Mod” was made using the “Misc. Robots Xtension” provided by Haplo. Without this work this add on would not have been possible!!!

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