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Locks Mod

Author of the Locks Mod: Avius

The Locks Mod adds a new locking door system. You will be able to select a door and then click a new button to lock or unlock (or right-click for more options). In order to unlock/lock door, a colonist must “flick” the door.

Locks Mod features

  • Doors can be unlocked to allow enemies and prisoners to pass by (only races that have intelligence “humanlike” or above).
  • Doors can now exclude visitors (wanna lock some traders?).
  • Doors can now be assigned to specific colonists (you can now simply restrict rooms to colonists without allowed area manager).
  • New Flicking job: Locking/unlocking doors, it has higher priority than normal flicking job. ( “Flicking” doors is only needed when unlocking/locking. It is not required for changing rules for door).

Some things you can do with the Locks Mod

  1. Allow prisoners to walk through some doors while keeping the temperature indoors with the Prison Labor Mod.
  2. Create heat/cold killboxes, lock traders inside, keeping the base safe from animals but avoiding pirates from destroying doors.
  3. Lock bedrooms for specific colonists. This way, when a colonist is out on a caravan nobody will sleep in his bed.
  4. Lock areas from dirty visitors, or lock them when a horde of manhunter animals is waiting outside.

Compatibility notes

If you wish to remove this mod from a saved game, make sure there are no pending locking/unlocking jobs first.

There could be compatibility issues with other mods that add custom doors with custom security mechanics. The Locks Mod is compatible with the Lockable Doors Mod as long as you DO NOT assign any pawns through the lockable door menu (“Set unlockable”).

The locks mod is not compatible with Doors Expanded by itself (the doors it adds won’t have lockable options), but you can install this patch to make it compatible.


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