No more sleeping Z’s Mod

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Author of the No more sleeping Z’s Mod: Jill Sandwich

To improve the FPS on low-end machines, the “No more sleeping Z’s Mod” completely removes the small Zzz that appears above colonists and animals’ heads while sleeping.

This is a very simple mod that attempts to fix the dramatic frame rate drop when playing on 2-3x speed. But if you’re only looking to get rid of the Zzz because you find it annoying well, this mod does just that!

On an additional note, you can also improve game performance by disabling “Plant Sway” in the settings menu and enable Developer Mode to disable “Draw Shadows” under the “Visual Settings” window.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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No more sleeping Z's Mod Review
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The “No more sleeping Z’s Mod” is a useful tool for those using low-end computers. If you’re having issues with frame rate at high speeds, using this mod is recommended.

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