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Proper Shotguns Mod

Author of the Proper Shotguns Mod: XeoNovaDan

The Proper Shotguns Mod makes pump shotguns and chain shotguns fire 6 pellets simultaneously rather than one single shot. This also isn’t like other ‘real shotgun’ mods in the sense that shotguns with this will actually fire buckshots properly, rather than technically fire one pellet after the other very quickly.

Proper Shotguns Mod features

Damage rounding can be configured in the mod settings:

  • Standard: damage rounding is normal (e.g. 22 damage w/ 6 pellets does 4 damage per pellet).
  • Random: damage rounding is random (e.g. 22 damage w/ 6 pellets does 3-4 damage per pellet).

Compatibility notes

The Proper Shotguns Mod is redundant if you already have Combat Extended active. The following mods have been patched to work with the Proper Shotguns Mod:

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