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Hunt for me Mod

Authors of the Hunt for me Mod: aRandomKiwi, Sylvanor

The Hunt for me Mod adds a new type of training for your animals: hunting. Cats can bring gifts (when they want) and are no longer unfairly useless (in the context of hunting). This mod is fully customizable! A remastered concept of the original “Hunt for Me Mod”.

Hunt for me Mod features

  • Predators can hunt solo, sometimes they will pack and hunt a bigger animal and haul the corpse to the closest stockpile.
  • Packs are now formed at the position of the nearest member of the prey,
    the pack starts the attack only when all the animals have arrived at the position to avoid the latecomers.
  • Predators can hunt only designated targets (with supervised mode enabled in animals tab).
  • Cats can bring ‘gifts’ (weaker preys) to the closest stockpile and be sought to do it (only if the kitty wants to >=3).
  • Optionally all animals can hunt.
  • Predators will use ranged attacks if possible (modded animals).
  • You are notified when animals hunt.
  • You can disable or enable revenge when animals are hunting.
  • Predators can be manually forced to hunt every X hours (customizable).
  • You are notified when a manually forced predator can now hunt.
  • Preys marked as (to tame) are not targeted by your predators.
  • You can toggle hunting and ‘supervised hunting mode’ (predators only attack preys marked set as hunt) on the animal tab .
  • Most of the time they’ll focus on smaller animals to avoid getting hurt (with safe hunting mode enabled on the animal tab).
  • Predators can attack bigger targets if the ‘safe hunting mode is disabled’ (they will only attack preys if it can pack with another predator and are stronger than the prey).
  • Fully customizable (max number of hunters in the pack, list of preys to avoid, list of animals forced to melee attacks…).
  • All animals that can be trained to ‘Obedience’, ‘Haul’ and are not too small ( so no babies and very small pets), can be trained to ‘Hunt’.

Compatibility notes

Tested without issues with the followings animals mods: Animals Logic, Animal Tab, Vanilla animals overhaul reloaded ( Note: cats can learn ‘Hunt’ but even if learned they dont hunt, they only bring gift as expected ), A dog said, Animal gear, Alpha animals, Call of Cthulhu mods ( no longer hunting MistStalkers from HPLovecraft), Dinosauria: A Rimworld Mod and Genetic Rim.

Load the Hunt for me Mod after all of your other animal mods.

Powered by the Harmony Library. Original mod idea by Nandonalt.

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Version 1.5
Hunt for me Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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