Floor Lights Mod

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Author of the Floor Lights Mod: Temeez

The Floor Lights Mod introduces lights that are integrated into the ground. These lamps used to have their power cable hidden underground, but various rim-rodents kept eating them so the cable placement had to be revisited. It is possible to build on top of the floor lights.

Floor Lights Mod features

The floor lights are available in the following shapes:

  • Square | Power consumption: 24 | Radius: 12
  • Plus | Power consumption: 18 | Radius: 9
  • Corner | Power consumption: 18 | Radius: 9
  • Stripe | Power consumption: 12 | Radius: 6
  • Small Corner | Power consumption: 7 | Radius: 5
  • Small stripe | Power consumption: 4 | Radius: 3

The following colors are available for your floor lights: White (default), Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.


Version: 1.2

This mod is not updated to RimWorld V1.2

Older versions Beta 18 1.0
Floor Lights Mod Review
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Having standing lamps all around your base gets old really fast, and it’s annoying how they use up 1 block of space, particularly on hallways and small rooms. With the Floor Lights Mod this is not a problem anymore. Besides the floor lights look really cool.

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