Down For Me Mod

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Author of the Down For Me Mod: aRandomKiwi

The Down For Me Mod allows your pawns to pretend to be downed. This way if they’re wounded they won’t have to crawl back to your base on their own or getting knocked out on the way.

Down For Me Mod FAQ

Do enemies stop attacking these “fake downed” pawns? Yes, you can simulate a “fake down” or “play dead” in this kind of situations, but be careful, they might kidnap them even if they are not wounded!

I cannot force down a colonist/animal. Only not mentally broken colonists and tamed animals with obedience training can be forced to be downed!

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Down For Me Mod Review
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The Down For Me Mod is really useful when you just want to carry an injured pawn back to a medical facility. Injured pawns can walk really slowly and he might just get downed before getting there… But is also an excellent solution to save your pawns’ lives during battle if you want enemies to stop shooting at them, even if they risk kidnapping… at least they’ll survive!

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