RimWorld Mods

Anti-tunnel Wall Mod

Author of the Anti-tunnel Wall Mod: カルクス

The Anti-tunnel Wall Mod adds four new types of walls that are particularly strong at resisting (or causing) explosions in different levels.

Anti-tunnel Wall Mod features

  • Explosion resistance wall: has a reduced explosion damage.
  • Explosion resistance MK2: a wall that completely invalidates explosion damange.
  • Detonation wall: a wall that will destroy itself when it reaches 0 hit points. Although it is more resistant to explosions than normal walls, it is easily destroyed when mined.
  • Fluffy wall: high durability but it is a weak wall other than explosion and impact. It will not burn.

A research is necessary to build these walls.


Version 1.5
Anti-tunnel Wall Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5
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