RimWorld Mods

Infused Mod

Author of the Infused Mod: Charlotte

The Infused Mod brings a creative way to make unique items for your special colonists: randomly enchanted equipment.

Infused Mod features

  • Varying infusions for everyone. All weapons and apparels have a chance to get infused. They will have its own label, various stat buffs and color coded overlay. Note that enemies might also carry infused equipment.
  • Stat bonuses. An infusion grants an item many minor bonuses, inlcuding melee damage, ranged accuracy, attack speed, movement speed, global work speed, specific job speed bonus and more.
  • Fully customizable. If you don’t like something or want to add your own infusions, go to the InfusionDefs folder and edit it. All infusions can be deleted and modified via XML. No C# knowledge required. Do you want to increase the chances or the quality? Go to the mod settings and suit your preferences!

Compatibility notes

The Infused Mod should be compatible with everything.

Additional credits: Latta, original mod. Skyarkangel, magic infusions. Raydarken, tech infusions. Trunken, german translation.

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