Half-Rim 2 Mod

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Authors of the Half-Rim 2 Mod: larn503, craizybee

The Half-Rim 2 Mod adds new Half-Life inspired factions, armor and plenty of weapons for you to focus on battle. It also adds a new turret and armored animals. Check out the Half-Life Wikia for more information.

Half-Rim 2 Mod features

  • New Combine Faction!
  • New Resistance Faction!
  • 5 New types of armor
  • 4 New types of helmet
  • 17 New weapons(6 of them from half-life 2 beta)
  • 5 New animals
  • 2 New orbital traders
  • 2 New buildings
  • Combine Technology Research
  • MedKit and Healthvial
Warning! The Combine Faction will raid you only after 10 days of settling your colony!

New Armor

  • Combine Soldier Suit + Helmet
  • Combine Soldier Shotguner Suit + Helmet
  • Combine Soldier Elite Suit + Helmet
  • Combine Metrcoop Suit + Helmet
  • H.E.V 5 Suit

New Weapons

New Buildings

New Animals

  • Headcrab
  • Fast Headcrab
  • Poison Headcrab
  • Antlion Soldier
  • Antlion Guard

Additional credits: larn503 – Texture, Defs, Craizybee – Testing, Armor balance, SlimeCrusher – Half-Rim 1 (Not working now) and Valve – Sounds.

This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.

Half-Rim 2 Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • Textures
  • Fun


The Half-Rim 2 Mod brings the universe of Half-Life into RimWorld. If you’re a fan of the games this mod is for you! If not, well the mod still adds a lot of weapons and two new strong factions that you’ll have to battle.

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