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RimSaves Mod

Authors of the RimSaves Mod: aRandomKiwi, Sylvanor

The RimSaves Mod introduces save menu improvements and a quicksaves system. Quickly access the desired save thanks to previews (image and meta data). No more mess with your multiple colonies saves, autosaves overwrites… now simply organize your saves into folders with the RimSaves Mod.

RimSaves Mod features

  • Save previews (map screenshot + meta data (size, scenario, last events, time, storyteller…).
  • Quickly access to your saves folder.
  • Create, Rename, Delete folders (no subfolders to stay simple).
  • Organize saves into folders.
  • Autosaves created to the current selected folder, so no more autosave overwrite between colonies in different folders!
  • Duplicate and rename saves.
  • Mass saves removal (remove the parent folder).
  • Quicksave/Quickload (CTRL+HOME to quicksave and CTRL+END to quickload or F5/F9 (see mod’s settings) but you have to release the F5 and F9 key binding in RimWorld’s key settings to avoid conflicts).

The folder selected in the save/load menu define where the autosaves will be created, so if for example during the game you open the load menu just for looking other folders content, dont forget to rechange to the folder you want your autosaves to be created before closing.

Compatibility notes

The RimSaves Mod has to be placed as high as possible in the mod list, preferably right after Core.

Important! Before uninstalling this the RimSaves Mod, move all your saves to the “Default” folder to avoid a weird text prefic on your saves.

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