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Villages: Homes Mod

Authors of the Villages: Homes Mod: OttersHoldHands, /]rchon

Are you tired of building the same bedrooms for your pawns? With the Villages: Homes Mod now you can house your pawns in rustic medieval majesty for as little as 500 Wood! Buy now and don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity.

Villages: Homes Mod features

  • Three sizes of house (Small, Medium, Large) which all have increasing amounts of comfort, beauty and sleeping spaces.
  • The Small house has room for 2 pawns, while the Medium house can hold 3. The Large house can fit up to 5 pawns.
  • All Houses are located under Furniture Tab and act as Beds.
The Houses remove the following thoughts:
  • Soaking Wet
  • Slept Outside
  • Slept In Cold
  • Slept In Heat
  • Slept In Barracks
  • Sleep Disturbed

Small House

  • Room for 2 pawns.
  • Requires: 500 Wood.
  • Equal to a Bed with minor hospital bed stat bonuses.
  • Unlocks after unlocking Passive Cooler.
  • Needs Construction Skill 6.

Medium House

  • Room for 3 pawns.
  • Requires: 650 Wood.
  • Equivalent to a Hospital & Double bed stat bonuses.
  • Unlocks after unlocking Complex Furniture.
  • Needs Construction Skill 8.

Large House

  • Room for 5 pawns.
  • Requires: 1000 Wood.
  • Beyond Hospital & Royal bed stat bonuses.
  • Unlocks after unlocking Complex Furniture.
  • Needs Construction Skill 10.

  • Paint your houses a large variety of colors. Even works with Dub’s Paint Shop mod.
  • Custom “Village Fences” allow you to build nice looking walls that work like walls for bedroom related mechanics.
  • Acts as a proper bed for royalty titles.
  • Allows up to 5 pawns to “sleep” together if they have polyamorous styled ideologies.
  • Buildable under roofs in case you need to hide from the sun.
  • Works with Sleep Accelerator, albeit it looks a little wonky, and you have to make sure it’s facing the head of the bed

Compatibility notes

  • Shared Bed thought edited or changed, so it doesn’t show up.(Currently there’s a mood buff that you get that should offset the mood debuff you can get from this.)
  • Invisible walls
  • Hedge walls
  • Bad Hygiene compatibility
  • Fulfill Food and Joy needs
  • Make houses bigger
  • The end goal of the Villages Project is to have a whole colony full of peons that do work for you but aren’t directly controllable. They will go to plots that you build to farm, ranch, fish, craft, etc. They will create materials you can sell for profit or used to unlock more advance items. You can upgrade the plots to produce more resources along with providing bonuses to the colony. But mistreating or allowing them to get hurt may cause them to leave.
Art Created by ]/rchon aka /vulturoth. Check out their Kofi to learn about future houses.


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Version 1.5
Villages: Homes Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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