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Tenants Mod

Author of the Tenants Mod: LimeTreeSnake

The Tenants Mod introduces a new type of colonists that you cannot control nor give tasks to. However, they will eat your food and demand certain living conditions as any other colonist would. Should you mistreat them, they will leave and might even try to bail on their rent. A contract is made upon a tenancy request, and payment will be received at the end of a contract period. They might ask to stay longer if you’ve been a good host.

Tenants Mod features

  • Non-controllable colonists (tenants) that stay with you and do whatever tenants do.
  • A happy tenant helps you with hauling, cleaning, firefighting, flicking etc, basic stuff.
  • A sad tenant might steal your stuff and bail on the rent.
  • Killing/capturing or simply having tenants die on you may cause some retribution.
  • Payment is received at the end of a contract period with possibility to extend should you and your tenant wish for it.
  • Terminating a tenant contract gives no silver.
  • Mod options to alter this mod to your liking.
  • A tenant tab that contains pretty much everything regarding tenants so they don’t clutter your other stuff.
  • Tenants doesn’t want to join caravans.
  • A super happy tenant might decide to try to join your colony should you accept him/her/it.
  • Assign beds to tenants as you do regular colonists.
  • Tenants does not carry silver, they have interdimensional pockets in which they store the money.

Compatibility notes

The Tenants Mod is compatible with Hospitality. They have completely different mechanics.

If you remove the Tenants Mod mid-game, the tenants will become part of your colony as regular colonists.

The Tenants Mod is a work in progress and may contain several bugs. If you encounter any, report them directly at its Official Discord Channel!


Version 1.5
Tenants Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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