War Crimes Expanded Mod

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Author of the War Crimes Expanded Mod: Crustypeanut

The War Crimes Expanded Mod expands your ability to anger your enemies and friends alike with a wide variety of torturous operations to perform on your enemies! Lobotomize them, suture their mouth or eyes shut! Hobble them! Imbed nails into various parts of their bodies to cause constant pain! The possibilities are endless!

War Crimes Expanded Mod features

The War Crimes Expanded Mod adds a variety of new torturous implants and operations to perform on your colonists, your prisoners, your enemies and/or your friends. All of these operations are designed to inflict pain and suffering – while leaving your mark on the world and gaining medical experience to boot! Most of these operations require research, although some are available from the get-go.

All operations come in three main varieties, with a fourth operation that stands off to itself.

  • Mutilations: Mutilations are easy-to-perform ‘adjustments’ to various parts of a pawns body. Gouge out their eyes or eardrums, cut out their tongue, knock out their teeth, or hobble them, dislocate their shoulders and break their backs. In addition, there are two special ‘surgeries’ in this category: Making someone a Trauma Savant by combining a log and the back of their head, and performing a delicate lobotomy to make them into the perfect mindless slave (or kill them while trying). While the trauma savant operation is risky, having a very high rate of failure, you usually end up brain damaging them either way anyways, so its a win-win. All of these adjustments can be healed by a Healer Mech Serum – you’ll need more than one dose if you have quite a few adjustments of course.
  • Implants: Implants are just that – implanted modifications to a pawn. Some of these are less permanent than others, being removable – others are less so, being permanent modifications to various organs. Unlike mutilations, these are not curable by healer mech serums, so don’t bother trying. If you really want the modification gone, replace the part! Implants include suturing their eyes and mouth shut, implanting painful steel spikes into their torso, and a number of organ-based implants. Greatly increase their aggressiveness with the Aggression Amplifier, never let them get another good night’s rest with the Sleep Deprivator, or make them vomit constantly with the Stomach Clamp. Perhaps instead you’ll want to amplify the amount of pain they feel with the Pain Amplifier, or just cause them constant anxiety and panic attacks with the Panic Inducer. You can even control their heart functions with the Heart Irregulator.. But don’t be surprised if they die from all of the heart attacks they’ll get.
  • Growths: These two advanced operations are the slowest acting of the bunch, but cause a whole lot of problems for the pawn down the line. Using advanced chemicals and a lot of chemistry-know-how, you can implant a tumor in their body that will grow and mature over time. There are two varieties – grow a cancerous sac in their torso that slowly spreads cancer to every part of their body, or instead an infectious sac which causes frequent infections in random parts of their body. Both take a number of days to mature, and in the meantime cause sickness and pain. Unlike most implants, these sacs CAN be removed, but the process is slow, delicate, and they’ll likely die if you fail. Good luck!
  • Practice! Lastly the most fun and educational operation – simply practice your medical skills on a pawn by cutting them up! Requiring no materials, this operation will always fail and always cause a variety of interesting wounds on them. Even when ‘failing’, your doctor still gains a boatload of experience! However, accidents happen and there is a small chance of death. Oh well!

All of the operations require minimal components to perform – no longer will you have to spend precious hours and materials building the perfect bionic limb only to destroy it while failing. Instead, these operations require basic parts – wood, steel (or beer bottles), cloth, and industrial components. The growth sacs and lobotomy also require small amounts of precious Neutroamine, but they’re worth it. Right?

Lastly, masochistic pawns LOVE being experimented on – so get to it!

Compatibility notes

The War Crimes Expanded Mod is a relatively lightweight mod that just targets basic limbs (torso, brain, heart, etc), so unless a mod completely screws with those then it should work fine. It also patches all of the NPC pawns that exist to include a chance for these implants to appear on all them.

Additional credits:  Luizi for the preview art.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.


Version: 1.1

This mod is not updated to RimWorld V1.1

Older versions 1.0
War Crimes Expanded Mod Review
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Life in the rim is tough… and tough times require tough measures. The War Crimes Expanded Mod let’s you go beyond RimWorld’s own cruel possibilites to manage an unscrupulous colony. Try not to go insane along with your pawns!

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