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War Crimes Expanded Mod 2

Author of the War Crimes Expanded Mod 2: Crustypeanut

The War Crimes Expanded Mod expands your ability to anger your enemies and friends alike with a wide variety of torturous operations to perform on your enemies! Lobotomize them, suture their mouth or eyes shut! Hobble them! Imbed nails into various parts of their bodies to cause constant pain! The possibilities are endless!

War Crimes Expanded Mod features

The War Crimes Expanded Mod adds a variety of new torturous implants and operations to perform on your colonists, your prisoners, your enemies and/or your friends. All of these operations are designed to inflict pain and suffering – while leaving your mark on the world and gaining medical experience to boot! Most of these operations require research, although some are available from the get-go.

Similar to WCE 1, all operations come in four main varieties: Mutilations, Implants, Growths, and Surgeries.

One major difference from WCE1 is that most torturous operations now require specific tools to perform. They come in four flavors: Slave Brand (Used only in branding slaves), Crude Torture Tools, Medical Torture Tools, and Organ Modification Kits. The first three are reusable and give the item back after the surgery is done. Organ Modification Kits replace specific implants and are used in the creation of implants during the operation itself. Depending on the operation, it may require between one to three of them as part of the recipe.

All operations come in three main varieties, with a fourth operation that stands off to itself.

  • Mutilations: Mutilations are exactly what they sound like. They adjust various body parts to cause pain and suffering. Mutilate their face, mangle their hands, brand them with a slave brand and increase their tribute value to the royals, along with returning classics like eye gouging and teeth bashing. Most of these require crude torture tools.
  • Implants: Implants are just that – implanted modifications to a pawn. Some of these are less permanent than others, being removable – others are less so, being permanent modifications to various organs. Unlike mutilations, these are not curable by healer mech serums, so don’t bother trying. If you really want the modification gone, replace the part! Implants include suturing their eyes and mouth shut, implanting painful steel spikes into their torso, and a number of organ-based implants. Greatly increase their aggressiveness with the Aggression Amplifier, never let them get another good night’s rest with the Sleep Deprivator, or make them vomit constantly with the Stomach Clamp. Perhaps instead you’ll want to amplify the amount of pain they feel with the Pain Amplifier, or just cause them constant anxiety and panic attacks with the Panic Inducer. You can even control their heart functions with the Heart Irregulator. But don’t be surprised if they die from all of the heart attacks they’ll get. The higher-tech organ modifications require organ modification kits. In addition, most of them also add a weakness to EMP damage – the specific effects are different for each implant.
  • Growths: There are currently two types of growths – the Neutroamine Incubator and the Growth Stimulator. Neutroamine growths allow a doctor to grow neutroamine inside a patient for ‘milking’. These sacs grow until they reach a point where they appear visible on a patient’s arms and legs and require ‘extraction’ into valuable Neutroamine. Due to recent advances in this technology, the arms and legs are no longer destroyed in the process, and the pawn can be milked again and again. And again. And again. However, death seems to always occur around 5 years of enduring this process. The growth stimulator, meanwhile, forces meaty growths on a patient. After a time, these growths will spread along their arms, legs, and head and engorge them. If left to mature, they’ll greatly increase the amount of meat and leather you get from the pawn after butchering them. This process kills the pawn in about 30 days, but at least it provides delicious products upon expiration. However, its not the most efficient use of food in general, as hunger overtakes the pawn going through this process and they eat ravenously. Its better for those with.. specific tastes, instead.
  • Operations: Lastly the most fun and educational operations – simply practice your medical skills on a pawn by cutting them up or vivisecting them! While practicing surgery requires no tools, vivisection requiring medical torture tools. Practicing surgery will always fail and always cause a variety of interesting wounds on them, but gain a ton of experience in the process. Vivisection, meanwhile, is worth even more experience but leaves a rather nasty side effect of them having their organs hanging out and exposed. Either stitch them back up or let them expire, its really up to you. You can also induce a coma to keep a patient from causing trouble – but beware, keeping them there too long might cause some organ damage.

All of the operations require minimal components to perform – no longer will you have to spend precious hours and materials building the perfect bionic limb only to destroy it while failing. Instead, these operations require basic parts – wood, steel (or beer bottles), cloth, and industrial components. The growth sacs and lobotomy also require small amounts of precious Neutroamine, but they’re worth it. Right?

Lastly, masochistic pawns LOVE being experimented on – so get to it!

Compatibility notes

The War Crimes Expanded Mod is a relatively lightweight mod that just targets basic limbs (torso, brain, heart, etc), so unless a mod completely screws with those then it should work fine. It also patches all of the NPC pawns that exist to include a chance for these implants to appear on all them.

Additional credits:  Luizi for the preview art.

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