Sparkling Worlds – Full Mod

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Author of the Sparkling Worlds – Full Mod: Albion

The purpose of the Sparkling Worlds Mod is to increase the ability to craft advanced items, such as neutroamine, and introduce some new advanced weapons, items and buildings without breaking the game or deviating too much from the vanilla RimWorld.

Sparkling Worlds – Full Mod features

  • Devilstand is now growable in hydroponics.
  • Matterweaver:
    • Weave synthread out of cloth and devilstrand
    • Weave hyperthread out of devilstrand and plasteel
    • Weave plasteel out of steel
  • Explosives table:
    • Make mortal shells
    • Make frag or EMP grenades as well as molotov cocktails
    • Make Triple or Doomsday rocket launchers
    • Make Healer or Resurrector mech serum
    • Make EMP grenade launcher
  • 3D printer:
    • Print luciferium
    • Print sensory or fibrous mechanite injector
    • Print healer and resurrector mech serum
    • Print bionic arm, leg or eye
    • Print new pain gun (non-leathal gun)
    • Print railgun
    • Print new railgun smg
    • Print gauss rifle
    • Print new plasma gun
  • Machining table:
    • Reprogramm malicious AI persona core (now psychic ships drop malicious AI personas)
    • Make AI persona core
    • Make new pain stick (non-leathal melee weapon)
    • Make burn stick (deals burn damage)
  • Drug lab: make GlitterWorld medicine.
  • Refinery:
    • Refine neutroglycerin into chemfuel.
    • Refine neutroglycerin into neutroamine.
  • Boomalopes and Boomrats now give neutroglycerin instead of straight up chemfuel.
  • Compact fission reactor: don’t confuse with fusion. This nuclear power plant turns boring uranium into precious power. Warning: Consumes a lot of uranium and damage might lead to detonation.
  • Computingsystem: addon for the High-tech research bench to research Glitterworld technologies.
  • Three new kinds of traders:
    • Glitterworld trader – sells advanced items like adv components, rail guns and AI cores
    • Farming trader – sells everything farming related from meals, raw food, fertilized eggs to lifestock like cows and pigs
    • Mining goods trader – sells all mineable resources like uranium, gold, jade, stone blocks, etc. and buys drugs
  • Blue Moon Corporation: New faction of hightech spacers spawning harder raids with slightly better equipped raiders
  • Flat and Megascreen TVs are now constructable.
  • Telescope is now constructable.
  • Healer/Resurrector mech serum crafting.
  • Plasteel, Synthread and Hyperweave crafting.
  • AI persona core crafting.
  • Glitterworld medicine, Luciferium and Mechanite injector crafting.
  • Bionics crafting.
  • Grenades and Rocket launcher crafting.
  • Nuclear power plant.

Compatiblitiy notes

The Sparkling Worlds – Full Mod is not compatible with Chemicals & Neutroamine, and you will need this patch (direct download) to play it along with Combat Extended. If you have any feedback or simply want to chat with the mod author, please refer to his official Discord Channel.

Additional credits:

  • Albion – coding and textures
  • Queendubstep – preview image
  • ChaosChronicler – 3D printer texture
  • Chicken Plucker – matterweaver texture
This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Older versions Beta 18

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