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Random Veins Mod

Authors of the Random Veins Mod: 1MINISKIDI, Dracoix

The Random Veins Mod adds new random ores and veins across the map to make mining more interesting.

Random Veins Mod features

The following new features can be found across the map:

  • Steel slag rocks, not very useful as it only gives you steel slag chunks.
  • Chemfuel pockets, similiar to the ones to you deep drill but near surface, harder to find.
  • Neutroamine pockets, uncommon/rare pockets with some neutroamine in them.
  • Insect jelly veins, very rare, but spawn in massive veins.

The Random Veins Mod also adds new resources found in the deep to mine with a drill:

  • Neutroamine!
  • Insect jelly drops, can be crafted into bigger blob of insect jelly at a crafting spot.
  • Component bits, can be combined into components at crafting spot or at a component assembly bench.

Compatiblity notes

The Random Veins Mod won’t break your saved game, but you will need to start on a new map if you want the new veins deep resources to spawn. Settling a new colony on the same planet will work.

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Version 1.4
Random Veins Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

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