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Misc. Robots Mod

Author of the Misc. Robots Mod: Haplo_X1

The Misc. Robots Mod adds some robots that you can buy from traders, they cannot be crafted.

  • Haulingbot: a small drone to help you hauling stuff around.
  • Cleaningbot: a small robot to help keeping your home clean.

You can assign them to an area by clicking on the area name in the robot info panel (Animal zone!). Before a fight you are encouraged to recall the robots so they don’t accidentally wander into the fight area.

The Misc. Robots Mod is available in English, German, Chinese (Duduluu) and Russian (AlexDeluxe).

Compatibility notes

Known Issues: Robots can seldom throw a red error such as: “xxxBot did not have work settings initialized”. This error will not cause any problems, it will simply re-init the settings and continue to work as normal.

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