Quarry Mod

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Authors of the Quarry Mod: cuproPanda, The White Crayon

The Quarry Mod adds a quarry for collecting rocks and resources in flat terrain.

Quarry Mod features

Mineable items

  • Chunks: only the types available under where the quarry was built.
  • Most vanilla and modded mineable items, by default.
  • Any custom defined items in Options > Mod settings > Quarry.

Objects added

  • Quarry: A large pit dug into the ground for digging.
  • Mini Quarry: A small pit dug into the ground for digging. Has less health than the regular quarry.
  • Quarry platform: A platform quarry workers will haul resources to. Must be placed near a quarry, preferably near the ladders. Quarries can be linked to only one or two platforms.

Other features

Quarries can also be built anywhere the terrain permits by enabling God Mode. These quarries will give chunks and blocks based on stone types available in the map.

Quarry is now a work type. Pawns can be set to work in the quarry or set to mine normally. Doing either job will increase mining skill, but allows further control over when miners work in the quarry.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Quarry Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • Textures
  • Fun


The Quarry Mod is very useful specially when you’ve exhausted the stone resources in your map since it allows you to mine on stone terrains. It also works very well with the Prison Labor Mod since you can have your prisoners mine in a relatively small enclosed area.

User Review
3.6 (5 votes)