Fortifications – Industrial Mod

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Author of the Fortifications – Industrial Mod: AOBA

It has always been a problem to make their settlements secured since human existence, so this is the reason why people in each era have used their own wisdom to build various of fortifications.

Introducing to you, The Fortifications – Industrial Mod.

Fortifications – Industrial Mod features

Machine Gun Bunker

Say goodbye to the mini turrets, unless you need to move them frequently,otherwise you should strengthen your fortress with stronger machine gun nest and bunkers.

Anti-tank gun and bullet shock

The newly added anti-tank gun that can not only cause a considerable damage to the single body but also damage to creatures and buildings along the way that the shell flies,a well-designed trap can be a path of blood.
(note:a red error will cause commonly,but won’t affect the gameplay.)

Production facilities

Concrete production: Process all your stone materials into solid concrete bricks that are not very pretty but easy to build and durable.

Lathe: A low-tech way to produce Component and. It can also produce Reinforced Barrel.

Chemistry Table: a processing table capable of converting meat into neutroamines

Signal Tower and Radio Terminal (WIP)

The mini version of the comms console and the huge version of the orbital trade beacon. For more functions, please look forward to the next update.

Military sandbags and concrete barrier

Neatly stacked sandbags that is pretty and durable.
concrete barriers that can be moved at will or even used as fences.

More? Yes, there is. Go find them in the game!

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Older versions 1.3

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Fortifications - Industrial Mod Review
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With a technically advanced colony, it is only logical to be able to automate some processes. Have your pawns sit back while the machines do the work for them with the Fortifications – Industrial Mod. But beware, those machines are huge, so you’ll need large spaces to hold them… and large spaces are not easy to protect. Raiders might be specially interested in your high-functioning colony.

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