RimWorld Libraries

Roo's Faun Xenotype Mod_64568ec60d825.jpeg

Roo’s Faun Xenotype Mod

Deep within the greenest and dreamiest groves of the Rim exist the Faun – a delicate and nimble relative of the deer, often compared to shooting stars, for as quickly as you catch sight of one, they’re even quicker to…
Roo's Satyr Xenotype Mod_64568ea834a35.jpeg

Roo’s Satyr Xenotype Mod

Within the clutches of the forest live the Satyr; a race of goat-like pranksters with a penchant for causing mischief. They’re easily distinguishable from Fauns by their sharp horns and curly beards, but before you even catch sight of them,…
Athena Framework Mod_644aa30da891c.jpeg

Athena Framework Mod

Athena is an advanced framework that contains multiple tools and features for both XML and C# modders. It also has a couple of code fixes that don’t affect players directly but allow modders to use some of the game’s features…
A Rim Reborn - Core Mod_644a63c614d26.jpeg

A Rim Reborn – Core Mod

A Rim Reborn brings the tools, resources, and research of Eorzea to the rimworlds! A Rim Reborn – Core Mod features Master an alternative research tree based on aether, the magical essence of the world of Hydaelyn! Synthesize aether crystals…
Bill Doors' Framework Mod_644a5cbdd5993.jpeg

Bill Doors’ Framework Mod

A collection of code that I use so I don’t have to copy them all around. A brief introduction of its content is in the document.txt in the folder….
TribalInstruments (Royalty) Mod_644a55b580ef3.jpeg

Tribal Instruments (Royalty) Mod

This is a reworked version of Tribal Instruments, originally published by Hansenbansen. Please note: All assembly functionality has been removed, and I have refactored the instruments according to Core/Royalty standards. Royalty DLC is required for this fork. Tribal Instruments (Royalty)…
Gastronomy Mod_644a9c05145ab.jpeg

Gastronomy Mod

Always wanted to build your own restaurant, tavern, or cafe? Now you can! Gastronomy allows (optionally) guests and (optionally) colonists to sit down and order their meals from a waiter. Gastronomy Mod features Colonists and/or guests will sit down and…
Cash Register Mod_644a4eaccbc11.jpeg

Cash Register Mod

Build a cash register to control the settings of your restaurant in Gastronomy. Doesn’t do anything on its own. Cash Register Mod features Build the cash register from the production menu. On each register that you build you can set…
Aerocraft Framework Mod_643adf1db2618.jpeg

Aerocraft Framework Mod

The Aerocraft Framework Mod provides an aerocraft and its framework that primarily performs flight operations within a map (the majority of its functions can be achieved through Comp in Xml). Regarding the use of the framework: you’ll find a rar…
Vaults of Vagar Mod_64259cf34719a.jpeg

Vaults of Vagar Mod

This is my first mod in the Vaults of Vagar series, which aims to introduce weapons, armor and other equipment heavily inspired by Warhammer 40k and, to some extent, Warhammer Fantasy. In particular, this mod introduces a number of bolter…
Alpha Genes Mod_6426e765cec14.jpeg

Alpha Genes Mod

Alpha Genes Mod features More than 200 new genes. Some are very low impact, while some are truly game changing. 10 new xenotypes with wild mechanics. A new “Custom random” xenotype that allows you to make new player created xenotypes,…
Guns Galore - Core Mod_6426e06777108.jpeg

Guns Galore – Core Mod

This mod adds no weapons, only the workbenches and research projects used to create ones from other modules. Check them out in the collections above. Guns Galore – Core Mod features Supports working multi-caliber firearms, alternate firing modes, and underbarrel…

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