RimWorld Libraries

Mechanical Humanlikes Core Mod_6532a40698c5c.jpeg

Mechanical Humanlikes Core Mod

Mechanical Humanlikes Core (MHC) is a framework mod built off of Humanoid Alien Races (HAR) and Harmony to allow pawns of humanlike intelligence to be mechanical in nature and accounting for a number of vanilla issues around that. It also…
Primitive Core Mod_6530f71d0bbfa.jpeg

Primitive Core Mod

Adds flint for the basis of the Primitive mod series. This will serve as the Core mod of the series so that users may have more freedom choosing which modules they wish to use. Primitive Core Mod features This mod…
Warhammer 40.000 - Core Mod_6530f017bdb22.jpeg

Warhammer 40.000 – Core Mod

This is the core mod for my Warhammer 40.000 mod series, it adds some shared resources that other mods in the series uses. Additional credits: Thanks to Tynan for his amazing game! Thanks to the Rimworld discord modding community for…
Nightmare Core Mod_653001059789c.jpeg

Nightmare Core Mod

This is a framework mod created by NightmareCorporation to contain functionality that will be shared across mods. It contains various past lessons-learnt and features that I deem necessary for all future mods of my own and helps to off-load potentially shared…
Primitive Storage Mod_650d6cae46833.jpeg

Primitive Storage Mod

An addition to LWM’s Deep Storage. Primitive Storage adds several new structures for keeping your goods. Primitive Storage Mod features Stone Pots Woven Baskets Stacked x2 and x3 Woven Baskets Wood Piles Storage Tents Weapon Rack Meat Rack Cold Storage…
Outer Rim - Galactic Empire Mod_650dd62652571.jpeg

Outer Rim – Galactic Empire Mod

This module for the Outer Rim series of mods covers anything specific to the Galactic Empire. Primarily the faction itself and anything needed for that. Outer Rim – Galactic Empire Mod features Compatibility notes Aside from anything listed for Outer…
Adaptive Storage Framework Mod_65032e4daefa9.jpeg

Adaptive Storage Framework Mod

Adaptive Storage Framework contains several fancy features to allow modders to better shape the way they want to make and change their own storage mods. It has added functionalities to change textures based on what items are stored, how much,…
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Deserters Mod_64f05dd3a34a2.jpeg

Vanilla Factions Expanded – Deserters Mod

After the release of Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire, a lot of you have requested that we tell the other side of this marvelous story – the story of Deserters. So many of you have requested it that in fact…
Vehicle Framework Mod_64d4ae1e5743c.jpeg

Vehicle Framework Mod

This mod is a framework that enables modders to create vehicles. This mod does not include any vehicles on its own. If you are a modder that wishes to use the framework I highly suggest you join the discord server….
Vanilla Vehicles Expanded Mod_64d4ae22ee581.jpeg

Vanilla Vehicles Expanded Mod

Vanilla Vehicles Expanded is a long awaited mod utilising Smash Phil’s Vehicles framework. The main purpose of the mod is to add realistic and engaging mechanics surrounding vehicles of all kinds into the game. Not just the cars, but boats…
Engine Industries Mod_64c2394ed9841.jpeg

Engine Industries Mod

With the development of industrialization on this planet, the reinvention of the vehicle seems to be a matter of time for everyone. Prepare for a new era: industrial factions, outlanders, and even pirates have begun to gather all the engines…
Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Laser Mod_64d378bd729d9.jpeg

Vanilla Weapons Expanded – Laser Mod

According to Vanilla RimWorld lore primer, “human-usable laser weapons” are a part of this universe, and yet they are not available in the game. Vanilla Weapons Expanded – Laser is an addition to one of the most popular mods of…

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