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Engine Industries Mod

Author of the Engine Industries Mod: AOBA

With the development of industrialization on this planet, the reinvention of the vehicle seems to be a matter of time for everyone.

Prepare for a new era: industrial factions, outlanders, and even pirates have begun to gather all the engines they can trade. People have regained the lost knowledge thanks to orbital traders or by themselves, using their bare hands to rebuild the heavy industry that was the pride of mankind in this outer homeworld…

Engine Industries Mod features

Yes, this is a vehicle part mod. Please feel free to use it as dependency or make any addon or patch. For more detailed values check this doc. But still playable as standalone.

Engines have a high selling value so you can make a profit by making and selling them to traders. But because they are heavy, you will need a vehicle caravan to sell many at once. So the vehicle mod is still recommended for a better experience.

Here is a short intro about how it goes:

if you have any issue using the mod please report in:

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