RimWorld Libraries

Polarisbloc Mod Core LAB Cover

Polarisbloc Mod – Core LAB

The Polarisbloc Mod series is a pack of mods that include all of the following mods by Vaniat: Machanoid ship extension, Gene-adjusted agent, Vanya’s Medicines and Brainwashing. Polarisbloc Mod – Core Lab features Medicines Combined antibiotic: A combination of several…

RuntimeGC Tool

RuntimeGC is an In-Game Cleaner that will clean up your savegame, reducing its size and making your game run smoothly again, without losing your progress. RuntimeGC Tool features Remove unnecessary World Pawns to alleviate burden of GameSystem. Clear AvoidGrids to…

[SR] Factional War Mod

The [SR] Factional War Mod adds 4 types of incidents. In these incidents, you are not the protagonist, and you are not at the center of the war. You are just a bystander, and you have the right to choose…
Oddities Core Module Mod

Oddities: Core Module

This mod is the “heart” of the Oddities series. It contains shared items and code that are used in most of the Oddities series. It is required for all of the mods in the Oddities series. Oddities: Core Module adds…
Faction Discovery Tool

Faction Discovery Mod

Orion’s Faction Discovery is a tool for RimWorld that solves incompatibilities when installing new mods that add factions to an existing save. It will make sure you have all the recommended amount of (hidden) bases for your new factions on…
1.01.1Beta 18Beta 19
Alien Race Toolbox Mod

Alien Race Toolbox Mod

The Alien Race Toolbox Mod is a utility mod that provides useful, reusable code for enhancing Humanoid Alien Races based race mods. If you seek support, head to the Official Discord Channel….

RimWorld’s Logo Fan-made Font

User Marnador has created RimWorld’s Logo font for modders and YouTubers wanting to reproduce RimWorld’s appearance on their thumbnails and mod titles. You can download and use this font for your custom image titles and thumbnails. How to make RimWorld’s…
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