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Adaptive Storage Framework Mod

Author of the Adaptive Storage Framework Mod: Soul

Adaptive Storage Framework contains several fancy features to allow modders to better shape the way they want to make and change their own storage mods. It has added functionalities to change textures based on what items are stored, how much, item rendering offsets and so on.

You can also include this banner in your mod page to signify that your mod requires ASF to work.


Q: Where can I read about these functionalities? How can I use them for my mod?
A: Here is a link to the documentation. (WIP)

Q: Is this compatible with LWM Deep Storage?
A: Yes! LWM is compatible and will not interfere with any of our features, in fact, the two compliment each other. Additionally, there are mod settings in ASF for you to choose between some systems.

Q: Is this compatible with [insert storage mod here]?
A: ASF only adds extra functionalities to be used, it doesn’t alter already existing features by itself, therefore it should be compatible with most mods out there.

Q: How performance friendly is this mod?
A: Very. We made sure to make the framework as performance friendly as possible so it shouldn’t affect your gameplay.

Q: Do you accept suggestions?
A: Yes! If you have a well thought out idea, please comment it down below and let us know what you think the mod is missing.

Compatibility notes

Hard incompatibilities: None that we know of.
Soft Incompatibilities: Recycle This: Designators will appear inside containers with wrong offsets and no UI support

Additional credits:

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ASF and all of its modules are fully open source!
That means you are free to use the source material however you please. The only thing we ask of you is to credit the original authors.
GITHUB: https://github.com/bbradson/Adaptive-Storage-Framework

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