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Primitive Core Mod

Author of the Primitive Core Mod: velcroboy333

Adds flint for the basis of the Primitive mod series. This will serve as the Core mod of the series so that users may have more freedom choosing which modules they wish to use.

Primitive Core Mod features

This mod can be used alone. It will add the flint resource and all that that entails.

  • Flint is a new resource that will be needed for neolithic weapons and tools Additionally, campfires require 2 pieces of flint to build. If you don’t like this change, you can use this patch to revert back to vanilla recipe. All scenarios are patched to give some flint and limestone on new maps.
  • Flint can be processed from limestone or bought from traders. (Stones from mods: Obsidian and Rose Quartz will also yield flint) Note: Starting on a map with no limestone will be extra challenging.

Compatibility notes

This mod is only necessary for Rimworld 1.4+. If you are on 1.3 or lower, you can safely ignore the requirement. I apologize if the red line bothers you, but I have yet to find a way to version-specify requirements.

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