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Mechanical Humanlikes Core Mod

Author of the Mechanical Humanlikes Core Mod: Killathon

Mechanical Humanlikes Core (MHC) is a framework mod built off of Humanoid Alien Races (HAR) and Harmony to allow pawns of humanlike intelligence to be mechanical in nature and accounting for a number of vanilla issues around that. It also allows for mechanical animals in the same vein.

This mod itself does very little except pave the way for other mods to have mechanical colonists – primarily, for android tiers reforged, but also available and extensible by other modders. Mod settings can configure other races to be considered mechanical and use this mod as a baseline to implement further properties.

Mechanical Humanlikes Core Mod features:

  • Introduction of a generic mechanical colonist and animal system.
  • Extensive mod settings to configure options and races as mechanical.
  • Reliance on mod extensions for extensibility and xml access.
  • Mechanical specific mechanics like maintenance and special needs configurable via xml and settings.
  • Support for Zombieland – all mechanical units are immune to zombification and will not attract their attention. It’s a great mod made by the creator of Harmony – it’s one of my favorites!

Compatibility notes

Languages: English (Primary), Russian (Community). Want to translate MHC to your own language? Go to the GitHub (linked below) and submit a pull request. I make no guarantees that languages besides English will have mistakes corrected in a timely manner.

Links: Discord and GitHub.

Additional credits:

Reconstituted code of work done primarily by Atlas and aRandomKiwi with support from many others. Reforged because I wanted it done.

Special thanks to:FG_Remastered – PR overlord, diplomat, integral supporter
lazycooken – Jumpstarter and eager supporter
Winterbloom – Moderator, early xml help, integral supporter
Greensniperhat – Generous donator of the Coolant/Lubricant pack graphics
hYPERION – Generous donator of the Repair Stims graphics
Android Tiers Reforged Discord – The endless whirlpool of ideas and testing
RimWorld Mod Development Discord – Incredible amounts of support and assistance

Image attribution: Background by rawpixel.com on Freepik.

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