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Alpha Animals Mod

Author of the Alpha Animals Mod: Sarg Bjornson

The Alpha Animals Mod adds multiple unique new animals to RimWorld

Alpha Animals Mod features

45 new, vanilla-friendly creatures to the diverse biomes of your rim worlds. The philosophy of this mod is that every new creature tries to bring some new mechanic into the game, whether it be walking tanks, living resource farm, indestructible plant monsters, night time stalkers, or plain speedy giant spiders. Some of the mechanics are simple, others much more complex.

These animals will spawn in certain biomes, others will only be available via traders. You’ll have to explore to find them all!

Bear in mind that spawn probabilities have been calculated with no other animal mods installed. If you have, for example, Animal Collab Project, less animals from this mod will appear, obviously.

The mod will also add new insects in a new faction, the Black Hive. Raids from that faction can be disabled via Mod Options.

Check out the forums page to take a close look at the new animals. Or go to the Wiki for more information.

Compatibility notes

It works with an existing save, but you’ll need Faction Discovery installed for the Black Hive Faction to spawn on the world map.

The Alpha Animals Mod is compatible with all these mods out of the box:

  • Giddy Up!
  • A Dog Said…
  • Vegetable Garden Project (VGP)
  • Nature’s Pretty Sweet
  • Advanced Biomes

You’ll need the following patches to make it work with:

Uses Harmony and ModCheck (no need to download).

Additional credits: 

  • Original creature graphics: A_Friend, aka SentientLine.
  • Original implementation and programming: milon, Skullywag and kaptain_kavern .
  • Using the AnimalVariation DLL from AnimalCollabProject.
  • Some sounds by Mike Koenig.
  • Some sounds by Stephan Schutze.
  • German, by Skeletti.
  • Chinese, by GARIN-02 type E.

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