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Rimhammer – The End Times Mod

Author of the Rimhammer – The End Times Mod: SickBoyWiSickBoyWi

The Rimhammer – The End Times Mod is intended to add some Warhammer flavor to your games of RimWorld. If you don’t know what that means, it means that this mod, and those that come after it, will provide a great non-modern high fantasy version of RimWorld.

This is the base mod for the Rimhammer mod series. It is the first, and sets up the some groundwork for the other mods.

Rimhammer – The End Times Mod features

  • Adds Chaos Wastes biome. Makes all non-IceSheet tiles over and under a specific latitude into Chaos Wastes biome rather than what they’d otherwise be. There is a small section of latitudes between the Chaos Wastes, and the non Chaos Wastes, where they will randomly overlap to give the appearance of the wastes expanding.
  • The Chaos Wastes biome has a new map event: Chaos Storm. While a Chaos Storm is raging, any pawn not in shelter will have a new health condition applied, and increased the more they are exposed. The new health condition is Chaos Taint. As the Chaos Taint level increases, the likelihood that the pawn (non-animal) will go into a Berserk mental state increases. If the Chaos Taint level gets high enough, the pawn may turn into a new pawn; a Chaos Spawn. That pawn is dead to the player. The Chaos Spawn is a human that has succumbed to the taint of chaos, and turned into a maddened mutant killer.
  • Pawns that see a Chaos Spawn will have a negative mood penalty applied due to having seen such an abomination; however, pawns that see a dead Chaos Spawn will get a positive mood bump for it. If a pawn reaches a Chaos Taint level of 100% without becoming a Chaos Spawn, that pawn will die.
  • Eating meat from a Chaos Spawn will increase a pawn’s Chaos Taint level, potentially causing the Chaos Taint issues mentioned above. It will also cause negative mood modifiers.
  • Animals exposed to Chaos Taint may go maddened, but will not turn into a Chaos Spawn.
  • The biome also introduces new chaos themed terrain, dead trees, and a small smattering of poor (not nutrient rich) grass.
  • Removes everything in the game after the medieval time period. No electricity. No guns. No bionics. You get the idea.
  • Adds a fueled smithy (forge, bellows, and anvil). Replaces modern electric smithy with a wood fueled version.

Additional notes

The next step in the RimHammer – The End Times mod series will be to implement the various races present in the Warhammer world when The End Times went down. It will be a full fantasy race extravaganza. Once those races are completed, I will likely move on and do some of the Age of Sigmar races.

I am planning to start the new races series with Dwarfs, and then Beastmen; because they’re my two favorite armies from Warhammer. After that, I think Ogres are in order. I am going to try to add all the races from Warhammer as playable races: Lizardmen, Orcs and Goblins, High Elves, Dark Elves, Daemons of Chaos, Chaos Mortals, Skaven, The Empire, Bretonnia, and so on. The human factions may be combined into one release. Perhaps I’ll even do some of the lost races like the Fimir if I get far enough. I will be adding in magic, beast riding, and so on. Every race will have their own special attributes/effects; flavorful things pulled from the Warhammer world that made them great there.

This mod took many, many hours of work. Special thanks to the Lord of the Rims series for inspiration, and some great examples to get me going. Also, special thanks to the people at the Ludeon forums who answered my programming/config questions. This series will likely not be released fast. I’m one person, and the amount of work involved is significant. This first mod took easily over forty hours of work.

If you’d like to speed up the process of release, please consider supporting me on Patreon. The more support I get, the more motivated I will be to create more races/factions.

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