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Giddy-Up 2 Mod

Author of the Giddy-Up 2 Mod: Owlchemist

This is a continuation and overhaul of Giddy-Up, permitted by Roolo, its original author. This new version is an all-in-one, highly performant, complete with new features and improved integration.

Giddy-Up 2 Mod features

Giddy-Up includes three modules:

  • Ride and Roll: If pawns have a job that is sufficiently far enough away, they will consider finding a mountable animal to ride there. You can setup zones to forbidden riding (like indoors) as well as dismount points where they should hop off.
  • Battle mounts: Pawns will be able to both melee attack and shoot (at a reduced accuracy) while riding their steed, and the animal can fight as well. Watch out though, because enemy raiders can do the same and may arrive mounted up.
  • Caravans: If a pawn is heading out on a big adventure, they may exit the map in style, mounted upon a caravan animal (as opposed to walking out roping them like in vanilla). Wandering traders may also arrive mounted up.

Giddy-up was originally developed by Roolo. He stopped modding because he’s working on a game now, which you can check out below. Even just simply adding it to your wishlist helps!

What’s new in v2?

  • High performance overhaul: Modern, faster, leaner code free of hugslib dependency, rebuilt end to end, this mod runs well over 10x faster than it did before.
  • All-in-one: All the sub-mods are included and internally compartmentalized. You can toggle them in the mod options.
  • Improved integrations: Better integrated support for DLC content, Vanilla Expanded Framework, and other big mods.
  • Improved logic: Most of the preexisting systems have been improved in some form or another, especially the logic driving the automount system.
  • Continued support: As an actively developed mod now, bug reports are appreciated and being processed, and new features and improvements are planned.


Q. Can I add/remove this mod mid-save, or switch from the original version?
A. Yes. If you encounter game-breaking errors on removal, use Mid-saver Saver‘s corrupt area fix.

Q. What about the mechanoids module?
A. This is looking like a v2.1 project, and rebuilt from the ground up to integrate the mechs from Biotech.

Compatibility notes

Quite a few mods already updated during the beta phase. Below are some ones of special note:

  • Dragon’s Descent: They’ll have GU2 support next update.
  • Saddle-Up: Saddle-up 2
  • Animal Gear: Author may be on hiatus at the moment. An updated fork is available here in the meantime.

Documentation for other modders

See the Github wiki for details. 🦉Github

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