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Community Framework

Author of the Community Framework: ISOREX

Have you ever written a small bit of C# code that could be useful to others, but wasn’t really enough to justify making a mod for? This is exactly the reason the Community Framework was created.
Submit your code, have it checked by other coders and have it added to this mod!

Community Framework features

The Community Framework is a framework that gives more power to modders that use XML. It has multiple features made by the community, for which the documentation can be found on GitHub. Do note that this mod adds no extra content itself.


1. Make any pawn you want craftable.
2. Unlock recipes on a workbench when a facility is linked to it.

Want to add your code to the framework?

Want to know how to make this work for your mod? Consider taking a look at the wiki!

This wouldn’t really be a ‘community’ framework if the community itself couldn’t add to it. For now if you want to add your C# code to this framework, send me a message on Discord (ISOREX#8779), explaining what it does and why you want it added and if the code isn’t too much of a mess I’ll add it!
Eventually I’m hoping to have more people help out and check each other’s code, perhaps vote on whether code should be added or not, but for now this all is mostly an experiment and I will have to see how it all turns out.

Contributors: ISOREX, beginner of the project. Your name could be in here too…!

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