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Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod

Authors of the Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod: guy762, Majestic Madman

The Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod adds 95 blasters, 18 swords, 5 lightsabers, 6 grenade belts, 55 pieces of apparel, and the full weapon upgrading system from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords!

The DualWield mod is not required but I strongly recommend it as I designed most of the weapons with it in mind.

Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod features

Compatibility notes

Additional notes

  • My eventual goal is to write like quests and factions and stuff, and a lot of these weapons and items were balanced around being quest rewards rather than things you can make on your own or simply buy from a trader. Unfortunately, those things are very far off, so in the meantime I’ve made sure all of my stuff is available through a new orbital trader type: the “black market gunrunner.” In addition, most weapons are tagged in vanilla quest reward pools, so expect to see them there.
  • RESEARCH: I added several research projects for making the basic, generic set of weapons on your own. I didn’t spend a *whole* lot of time writing this part so let me know if there’s any issues. Bowcaster research requires techprints sourced from “outlander” factions. Because of technical reasons, I’ve had to tie all of the upgradable weapons to an “unobtainable” research def which you are definitely not supposed to unlock. Again, the upgradable weapons are intended to be quest rewards to encourage world exploration, and aren’t intended to be manufactured by players.
  • LIGHTSABERS: can currently only be bought through the orbital trader. I’m hoping at some point soon to make a brief “lightsaber quest” and associated lightsaber parts so you can build them yourself.
  • ATTACK VERBS: The attack commands don’t like to go through unless you toggle the “fire at will” gizmo off while your pawn is drafted.
  • ARMOR: Most armors don’t have “fat” bodytype textures. I’ll get to it … eventually….

Known issues: There’s a bunch of “incorrect ForcedMiss settings” error messages that pop up in the error log. You can ignore those, the verbs in question function as intended in spite of the game’s insistence otherwise.

Additional credits:
kaitorisenkou – graciously added a bunch of vital stuff to their ModularWeapons mod so this project was possible!
Sovereign – drew all vibroweapons
MajesticMadman – drew the workbench
guy762 – drew everything else

The Sound Departments for KotOR 1&2, Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy, Battlefront 1, Republic Commando, and especially David W. Collins – it wouldn’t be Star Wars without the sound effects!
KotOR 1’s 2D GUI artist Rob Sugama – 75% of this mod (and future content) is based off of the tiny 48x UI sprites from the original two games

Taranchuk – apparel functionality code which I borrowed from the Archaeology Guild mod. This is incredibly handy code and I would not have able to make any of the apparel this mod adds without it.

Special thanks:
strategywiki.org’s KotOR 1&2 walkthrough guides – amazing source of information on the original games. Seriously, whoever ripped all the item sprites deserves a raise!
Sithspecter’s KotOR 1&2 High Quality Blaster mods – I tried not to copy this amazing work *too* closely, but it was still a spectacular reference to have while drawing all of this!
David Hibbeln, Derek Watts, and the rest of the KotOR 1 Art Department – I love the KotOR 1 art direction so much I made this mod. It inspired me with wonder when I was a kid and it still inspires me today.
Aelanna in the Rimworld discord – helped me write the C# component of this mod and gave me a working example of what I was trying to do to base it off of
Mile’s Save Thing As Image mod – I actually did use this for the promo imagery, very handy!


Version 1.5
Star Wars KotOR Weapons and Armor Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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