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ModularWeapons Mod

Author of the ModularWeapons Mod: kaitorisenkou

The ModularWeapons Mod adds modular weapons that you can replace parts of.

ModularWeapons Mod features

The ModularWeapons Mod opens the gunsmith screen immediately after the weapon is created on a workbench or elsewhere. You can customize parts there.

Contents currently available:

  • Assault rifle
  • Auto pistol
  • Sub machine gun
  • Light machine gun
  • Bolt-action rifle
  • Charge rifle

Future planned contents:

  • Underbarrel shotgun / grenade launcher
  • Bayonet
  • Flashlight
  • Revolver
  • Shotgun
  • Non-vanilla weapons
  • Workbench to re-customize

Compatibility notes

High probability of incompatibility with mods that:

  • Change info card of weapons.
  • Change commands of attack.
  • Change whole systems of combat.


  • Q. Are modular weapons generated randomly?
    A. No, only crafted by player.
  • Q. Safe for existing save data?
    A. Safe for adding. Not sure about deleting, maybe safe.
  • Q. Can I make/publish compatibility patch with 〇〇〇 mod?
    A. Sure!
  • Q. Combat Ex-
    A. NO I DON’T. You do.

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