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Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod

Author of the Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod: Phonicmas

The Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod introduces all 19 space marine geneseeds organs in the form of genes, 3 primaris geneseed genes, 4 psyker genes, 3 pariah genes, 10 chaos genes and 2 other genes. Most if not all of these genes are strong and are meant to be.

Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod features

These genes can be obtained outside normal biotech ways.

Chaos genes can be obtained by performing rituals at newly added ritual spots.

Geneseeds can be implanted into pawns using the new genetor building which is researchable, this is a slow process that adds one gene at a time, this process eventually leads to custodes and primarch. Additionally they can be harvested via a surgery from other space marines with fully grown progrenoid glands.

Psyker and pariah genes require you to already have either, you can then surgically extract some warp potential from them and use that in the new warp adjuster building which are researchable

Mod contains mod settings, remember to also check Warhammer 40.000 – Core mod settings


Compatibility notes

If Dubs Rimatronics or Crash Landing are installed then the Melanochrome gene gives immunity to their radiation.

If using any HAR race I HIGHLY suggest to use Big and Small + Prerequisites Framework as they fix issues with body scaling when using HAR races.

If using any of Spencer7w’s 40k mods there are patches to make them use my geneseeds.

If using Combat Extended then daemon weapons and gene stats have been patched.

Toggleable patches: These patches can toggled on/off and can be found in: Mod options -> Vanilla Framework Expanded -> Toggable Patches, under Warhammer 40k – Genes. The patches should be self explanatory and it is required to restart the game for them to take effect.

Additonal credits:

Thanks to Tynan for his amazing game!
Thanks to the Rimworld discord modding community for helping me understand certain things!
Thanks to Taranchuk for armor slowdown negation code for black carapace!
Thanks to Silver Wolf 00 for his lore help!
Thanks to everyone for giving me balancing suggestions and general suggestions!
Thanks to Mewn Goddess for the infographics image and preview!

Known issues:

With some gene combination your pawn can potentially get rather big which will cause pawn texture to be cut off, this can be fixed by going into VFE mod settings and checking “Disable texture caching”

Pawn heads and body may be oddly positioned, downloading Big and Small + Prerequisites Framework fixes this


Q1: CE?
A1: Yes

Q2: Will this work without Biotech/ Will you make one without Biotech?
A2: No

Q3: Halp something something no work
A3: Please join the discord and tell me the issue there, REMEMBER to post an error log if one shows either way. Discord messages gets answered quicker, is easier for me to manage and the solution might already be there.

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Version 1.5
Warhammer 40.000 – Genes Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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