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Vanilla Genetics Expanded Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Genetics Expanded Mod: Sarg Bjornson, Reann Shepard, erdelf, Oskar Potocki, Taranchuk

The Vanilla Genetics Expanded Mod is an updated version of Genetic Rim by Sarg Bjornson, with improvements across the board pertaining to game flow, mechanics and art-style where necessary.

We have revamped how the mod plays, how you create new hybrids, what properties the hybrids have, and pretty much everything else in this mod. Do not approach this mod thinking you know it, just because you knew Genetic Rim. It is more or less an entirely new mod. We have spent hundreds of hours spread across years of hard work to make sure everything is well thought-out and balanced, and to provide you, the player, with new avenues to take your playthroughs.

We hope you will enjoy it, and if you’re unsure about anything, please carefully comb through this description which outlines how everything in the mod works.

Vanilla Genetics Expanded Mod features


Q: Can I add it mid-playthrough to an existing save?
A: It should give no problems, as long as you add the new hostile hybrids faction when prompted by VE Framework.

Q: I don’t like certain things, can I remove them?
A: Use Owlchemist’s Cherry Picker mod!

Q: Is it compatible with X mod
A: We have tested it for more than a month with large modlists, and no incompatibilities have been found, please tell us if you find one.

Q: It takes too many corpses to make a Legendary genoframe!
A: Don’t do that, read the tissue grinder’s description: “Bear in mind that the cost in corpses effectively doubles for each quality level, making a legendary genoframe prohibitive. The main usefulness of these recipes is to convert two genoframes of a given quality to a higher one, but your main source of genoframes shouldn’t be hand crafting them. Go out there and explore abandoned labs!”

Q: I’m getting too many quests / raids!
A: Use mod options to increase / decrease their commonality. Also take into account both quests and raids are decoupled from storyteller, and won’t “take the slot” of other quests / raids. Also FFS read the option’s description before changing it. If you complain events spawn too often after setting it to 0.1, I WILL delete your comment.

Q: Does this work with Combat Extended?
A: You should ask the CE devs, as they are in charge of the patches

Q: Pawnmorpher?
A: Yes

Q: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Insectoids?
A: Yes

Compatibility notes

  • Current bug with Rim73 removing animal controller drafting button
  • Medical System Expanded 2 apparently overwrites our implant quality code

Mod interactions

Full patches with hybrid families and genome extraction: Alpha Animals, Dinosauria, Megafauna, Cosmic Horrors and RimBees

Genome extraction: VE Animals, Android Tiers, Anima Animals, Better Infestations, Erin’s Wildlife, Forsaken Fauna, ReGrowth (Extinct and Wasteland), Vanilla Factions Expanded – Vikings, The Joris Experience

Additional credits

  • Oskar Potocki, an artist and a designer, responsible for mod design, art and mod description.
  • Sarg Bjornson, the original author of Genetic Rim, responsible for huge amount of art and code, as well as mod design.
  • Luizi, an artist responsible for many new hybrids.
  • Reann Shepard, a creative writer responsible for Creative writing and descriptions.
  • Erdelf, a programmer responsible for the genetics framework.
  • Taranchuk and Legodude, programmers who helped tremendously.
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