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Prisoners Don’t Have Keys Mod

Author of the Prisoners Don’t Have Keys Mod: Mlie

I found it odd that prisoners could open doors when escaping when fleeing raiders cannot. So the Prisoners Don’t Have Keys Mod makes prisoners have to bash doors when escaping as well.

There is also a mod-option to allow prisoners to open cell-doors during a prison break but not other doors. This is to simulate that the prisoner have found a way to open the door and that is the start of the prison break.

Since 1.3 added slaves the mod can be applied to rebelling slaves as well by enabling it in the mod-options.

  • See if the the error persists if you just have this mod and its requirements active.
  • If not, try adding your other mods until it happens again.
  • Post your error-log using HugsLib and command Ctrl+F12
  • For best support, please use the Discord-channel for error-reporting.
  • Do not report errors by making a discussion-thread, I get no notification of that.
  • If you have the solution for a problem, please post it to the GitHub repository.

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Version 1.4

Older versions:

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