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Mooloh’s Mythic Framework Mod

Author of the Mooloh’s Mythic Framework Mod: Mooloh

Mooloh’s Mythic Framework Mod chronicles the triumphs of your colonists by creating ‘Mythic Items’ based on their achievements. Mythic Items are weapons and apparel with special names, descriptions, and abilities. They appear in your OTHER colonies as quest rewards. See description for in-depth mechanics and info.

Mooloh’s Mythic Framework Mod features

I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, so I believe that what makes an item ‘legendary’ is NOT just the quality of the item when it is first assembled. What really matters are the stories and events that an item has been involved in. In other words, something should be legendary because it has legends about it! However, since the words ‘legendary’, ‘relic’, and ‘artifact’ are already used in this game, I’m calling these storied items ‘mythic items’.

To that end, this mod waits for your colonists to achieve impressive feats. When that happens, it creates a mythic item based on that colonist’s weapon or clothing. This mythic item is a legendary version of the original item, with a unique name, description, and ability that pertain to whatever the colonist did to earn their reputation. Once mythic items have been created, this mod will occasionally spawn those mythic items as quest rewards once you start a new colony, There they will serve as a reminder your prior achievements while also giving your new colony a unique boost.

Mythic Creation

Mythic Items can be created and saved whenever a colonist meets one of the following conditions, assuming the colonist in question does not already have a mythic item equipped:

  • A colonist kills enough humanoids, mechanoids, insects, or thrumbos. Kill thresholds differ between categories, and can be scaled up or down in the settings. Some categories have multiple thresholds which replace/upgrade the resulting mythic item.
  • A colonist reaches level 20 in a skill (can be lowered to a minimum of 5 in the mod’s settings).
  • A colonist tames their second thrumbo.
  • A colonist escapes the Rim (AKA they are part of any vanilla or DLC ending. Only one colonist is selected per victory to make a mythic item).
  • Want to commemorate your own events? Research the ‘Myth Making’ technology and sculpt a myth maker item. This very expensive item lets you manually produce mythic items if you feel that your colonists’ achievements merit one.

Finding Mythic Items

Once you’ve played the game enough and have produced a few mythic items, these items can show up in subsequent games in several ways. Bear in mind that mythic items can only show up ONCE per world, and after showing up in a few worlds, a given mythic item will disappear entirely.

  • The simplest way to find mythic items is through normal quest reward. Mythic items will only generate as quest rewards after at least a year has passed in the current colony, and it is as common as the vanilla reward for masterwork/legendary items.
  • If you are allied with a faction, you can pay 7500 silver and a ton of goodwill to create a quest to find a mythic item (this works like the AI persona core quest). This option is only available after the current colony has survived at least 90 days.
  • If Ideology is installed, a mythic item can be selected as an Ideoligion relic. This does not remove the selected mythic item from the list of currently saved mythic items, that way you can use a mythic item in multiple Ideologions. This can lead to duplicate mythic items in the same world – one as a relic and one as a normal quest reward. That seemed worth it to allow for relic/mythic items without rewriting too much code.

Mythic Item Effects

Mythic items can have a variety of effects, and are always of legendary quality. The exact effect depends on the situation that created the mythic item in the first place. Some examples include:

  • A charge rifle with a rocket launcher mounted on the side, which can be fired once every few days.
  • A shirt that grants the wearer the ability to cook Epicurean Delights, a wildly opulent meal that grants a huge buff to people who eat it.

Compatibility notes

Here’s list of supported and unsupported features that I know of.


  • A Rimworld Of Magic, Infusion (1 and 2), Infinite Reinforce: Modded changes are preserved on saved mythic items.
  • Modded Thrumbos: The following thrumbos count for the purposes of counting kills/tamings: Anima Thrmbos, Archothrumbos, and Royal Thrumbos.
  • Alpha Animals: Black Hive faction insects count insect kills.
  • Vanilla Expanded Insectoids: Insectoid faction count towards insect kills.
  • Ducks Insane skills: The skill threshold for creating mythic items can be increased above 20 in this mod’s setting. If Duck’s Insane Skills is removed while the skill requirement is above 20, they will reset back to 20.


  • Character Editor – Moderate issue: If a pawn with a mythic item is saved, the mythic item will stop being mythic when that pawn is loaded. The original pawn and mythic item are unaffected.
  • Combat Extended – Unknown: I don’t play with this mod, but I don’t expect too many issues. At worst, a couple of the combat-oriented mythic effects might interact weirdly with CE. If someone tries it out and lets me know that there are issues, I’ll look into it.

Other considerations

I’m not a good creative writer. Despite that, I wrote and proofread a LOT of flavor text. There’s probably some grammar errors that slipped through. If you see one, please feel free to comment about it, and I’ll thank you.

I intentionally didn’t overwrite the vanilla artwork on legendary items for two reasons: I think the vanilla artwork text is funny and didn’t want to remove it, and it would’ve been tedious to do anyway.


This mod is safe to add and remove from existing saves. If it’s removed from an existing game, any mythic items in the game will revert to normal items. Saved mythic items (that could potentially be generated in new games) are not removed upon disabling the mod, but can be manually cleared in the settings.

If a saved mythic item becomes invalid (EX: because you disabled the mod that a mythic item’s actual item is from), that mythic item will be stored in a backup file. You can manually try to reload such items in this mod’s settings.

Want to make your own types of Mythic Items?

I designed this mod with other modders in mind. It’s possible to add new mythic item titles and descriptions with just XML. It’s sometimes possible to add new mythic creation triggers and mythic item effects using just XML, depending on the exact trigger or ability, and minimal coding otherwise.

For more information and a few examples of how you can add your own mythic stuff to a mod, please see the README on the mod’s Github: https://github.com/mlholland/MooMythicItems

Want to contribute without modding

This mod would benefit from more than just two people writing flavor text. If you have an idea but don’t want to write an entire mod, feel free to post your ideas for titles, descriptions, effects, or triggers in the relevant discussion page of this mod’s steam page. If I use them, I’ll show my graditude by… thanking you and adding you to the to the contributors list.

Additional credits and Thanks

– Code: Mooloh

– Cover art: Erok

– Thanks for Hi19hi19, who helped brainstorm ideas and wrote a bunch of flavor text.

– Big thanks to the RimWorld Discord’s modding channel.


– MIT License: https://github.com/mlholland/MooMythicItems/blob/main/LICENSE

– Source Code on Github: https://github.com/mlholland/MooMythicItems

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